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March 11, 2020 2 min to read

The importance of RAM in gaming

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RAM (Random Access Memory) is the short-term memory of your computer. It is where your PC stores everything that is required to keep the programs and data currently in use.

Physically, the main memory consists of building blocks, the so-called RAM banks. In most PCs and laptops, these can be exchanged for larger ones or supplemented with additional banks.

The acquisition of new RAM can be complicated because there are different types of RAM banks that are not compatible with each other.

When purchasing, it is important to correctly interpret the various abbreviations in the RAM product description.

But how important is RAM for newer games? How much RAM does a laptop need to have to run Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020?

How RAM works?

Your PC stores programs and data in different places. The rule of thumb is: the faster the memory is, the better it is for the system’s working speed, but the more expensive the memory is.

The most expensive and fastest memory is the CPU cache. The slowest and – measured by size – the cheapest are the hard disk and SSD.

In the middle of these extremes is RAM. When you start a program or load a file, it moves from the hard disk/SSD to the RAM and from there the CPU accesses the data. If you use many programs and data at the same time, this requires a corresponding amount of RAM.

When people talk about RAM in the context of a PC today, it is usually so-called Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM). We will therefore stick to this type for the rest of this article.

As already mentioned, RAM is located on the motherboard of most PCs in the form of one or more latches. However, especially in particularly compact laptops, it also happens that the manufacturers solder the RAM firmly.

This means it can no longer be exchanged or expanded. The quickest way to find out whether this is the case with your PC is to consult the manual or the support pages of the manufacturer.

You can also use the free CPU-Z software to quickly find out what type of RAM is in your PC and whether there are any slots (“banks”) available.

Watch out: Don’t confuse SDRAM with SRAM. The latter is mainly used as CPU cache.

What is stored in RAM?

The operating system is essential for the operation of the computer and must therefore always be accessible…
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