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September 18, 2020 2 min to read

Yoga face masks: what to consider before getting one

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Doing Yoga is indeed a very beneficial routine or way of exercise to do – not just to improve one’s physical health but also to improve the mental and spiritual stability of a person.

It originated from the Indian tradition and has been around since around 3000 BCE, which later influenced the western region and now the whole world.

This practice is popular with health enthusiasts’ individuals – mostly women, although the person behind Yoga’s popularity and success is a male named Swami Vivekananda, an Indian Hindu monk.

This practice aims to improve a person’s health as a whole, a crucial side of life right now, and must be given full attention due to the world’s situation facing the pandemic.

The Yoga community is also affected and continuously adapting to the current situation by using a face mask to prevent the spread of the disease.

They commonly called it “Yoga face masks“. In this article, we will learn what kind of mask they prefer to use and its varieties.

The most common type of mask is the surgical mask, frequently used by health-related professionals during their operations to prevent infection while doing their work.

It is the best face mask to use right now, but it is not always available because of its high demand worldwide, making its supply very limited.

However, a surgical face mask is not advisable to use while doing physical activities as it quickly accumulates sweat overtime and can create discomfort while doing Yoga.

Nonetheless, people are now so eager to move around and slowly do what they are used to do before Yoga and some other exercises; that is why face-masks manufacturers are working to make a suitable face mask for any type of workouts.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Yoga Face Masks

Before choosing or creating a mask to use for Yoga, one must consider the different factors that are essential in having a safe and effective mask. Below are some of the factors:


Yoga is being done through some sort of routine and meditation, which involves more breathing exercises. That is why the mask must offer a breathable experience for the user to safely and correctly do his or her activity.

Some face masks exhibit an increase in temperature over time, thus creating sweat and, eventually, discomfort.


Meditation is acquiring inner peace, making an individual feel comfortable with what he or she feels inside and out.

This comfort might be affected by what a person wears, which makes the choice of material for the mask crucial. Polyester fabric or cotton materials…
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