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December 28, 2019 2 min to read

The most useful tools for your woodworking shop

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When setting up your woodworking business, there are a lot of things to consider. The place, tools, expenses and a plethora of other important decisions need to be made before you can open for business.

However, having all the essential tools in your arsenal should be high up on your woodwork priority list. Read on to find out whether you have all the items you need to turn a piece of wood into artwork.

How to Pick Tools

Woodworking tools are a vast and confusing world to navigate. There are so many upgraded tools on the market that it can be overwhelming.

To help you get started and decide how to pick it, a multi-functional basic tool is a good option. Once you get the hang of the basic tools and their functions, you can switch to specialised tools when you need them.

Table Saw

The most important and useful tool in your woodworking arsenal will be the table saw. From making straight cuts to trims, the table saw is an indispensable tool.

Ideally used for making rip cuts and crosscuts, the table saw can also be used for resawing lumber that’s less than six inches wide. Additionally, the table saw can alternate as a table as it’s big enough to hold tools and assemble them.

Furthermore grooves such as dados, rabbets and mouldings can also be done with a few adjustments and a profiled cutter.

The only drawback to this multi-tasking tool is that it cannot be used for very large pieces of wood. The piece has to be small enough that the saw can cut through as you have to place it on the table.

Research the features you want in your table saw before making the purchase so that it suits both your budget and needs.

Thickness Planer

There are few things as satisfying for woodworkers as passing through rough lumber with a planer.

Even if your lumber is preplaned, you’ll need a planer for all the fine adjustments as you work and customise a piece. A planer is essential if you work on rough lumber.

The planer along with the jointer is effective for cutting through rough-cut lumber.


The popular misconception is that a planer cannot straighten rough lumber, that’s what jointers do.

Passing a rough cut piece of wood through the planer will only give you a lumpy piece of wood of uniform thickness. The jointer helps create a straight edge on lumber boards and make final adjustments to the fitting parts…
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