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March 1, 2020 2 min to read

Why is exterior car detailing important?

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What is exterior car detailing? The term exterior car detailing refers to a detailed cleaning or rehabilitation of the exterior of an automobile to obtain its original appearance. It involves all the evident external parts including paintwork, windows, tires, headlights, and wheels.

The main objective of detailing is to revive the paint job and finish of the car by removing swirls and scratches to make it look nearly brand new while also providing an extra layer of protection.

Unlike a regular car wash, exterior detailing is done more precisely and requires an adequate amount of time and skill. Detailing your car once in a while is incredibly beneficial.

Benefits of Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior auto detailing is not only beneficial for the automobile but also offers several benefits to the vehicle owner. To understand the significance of exterior car detailing, you must first know its advantages.

Enhances the Physical Appearance of Your Vehicle

A brand new car usually appears sparkly and glossy. However, the original shine remains only for a while. Despite regularly washing your vehicle, its outer appeal will wear off with time. Car detailing can restore the initial appearance of your vehicle.

Maintains Paintwork

The paint job on your vehicle is protected by a clear-coat that not only delivers shine but also protects the paint.

When exposed to sun, moisture, dust, debris, dirt, grime and other contaminants in the long run, the coat will initially wear off. A routine car detailing can help in maintaining the clear-coat and protect the paint job.

The contaminants can also cause damage to other exterior parts of the vehicle such as glass, vinyl, and metal, consequently affecting its durability. Exterior detailing is done on all the accessible surfaces of the car, hence extending its overall lifespan.

Retains Resale Value

As exterior auto detailing revives your vehicle’s look, you will be able to sell it effortlessly at a profitable price. A sparkly, spotless car will bring you more potential buyers than a dull-looking, worn-out car.

Ensures Safe and Healthy Ride

Exterior car detailing can also somehow ensure a safe ride. All the debris and haze that might obscure the driver’s view are removed in the process, reducing the chances of accidents to a large extent.

Moreover, a detailed car cleaning reduces the long term consequences of environmental exposures such as UV rays and pollutants, decreasing the risks of ill health.

You may overlook these benefits in the beginning, but initially realize their importance in the long run…
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