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January 28, 2020 2 min to read

Who has the most luxurious hotel suite in Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. The Hospitality industry is, in fact, the most profitable industry in the state of Nevada. There are so many top-notch hotels on the Vegas strip. But who has the most luxurious suite?

These hotels and suites can cost tens of thousands of dollars in just a few night’s stay. However, the experience you’ll have will be extraordinary.

You get perks like a private bar, chauffered pick and drop from the airport, personal butler, and amazing views of Vegas.

The easiest way to determine which hotel has the most luxurious suite offering is to look at prices. Whichever has the highest per-night rate could qualify as the most luxurious. However, there are other ways to look at it as well.

Most Expensive Suite in Las Vegas

Here are some of the most expensive suites in the city.

Nobu Villa in Caesars Palace

If we consider price to determine the most luxurious hotel suite, then the Nobu Villa in Caesars Palace takes the win.

The ravishing suite is priced at a whopping $35,000 per night. This is the most expensive room you can stay in when in Vegas.

The Nobu Villa has a different look in comparison with most Las Vegas hotels. It is designed with Japanese-inspired elements that make it look ultra-modern.

The suite’s guests have been celebrities and billionaires. A private elevator takes you to the suite, so the security is pretty high.

Presidential Suite at The Palazzo

The next in line is the Presidential Suite at The Palazzo, priced at $25,000 per night. This suite is filled with opulence too.

Featuring a balcony Jacuzzi, this suite is one of the finest in sin city. You get VIP check-in and concierge, as well as your very own 24-hour butler.

Skylofts Three Bedroom Suite in MGM Grand

The third most expensive suite in Vegas is the Skylofts Three Bedroom Suite in MGM Grand. The iconic hotel on the Vegas strip offers top-notch services like butler pantry, media room, billiards, etc.

Though not as expensive as the top two, the Skylofts still qualifies as among the most luxurious suites in the country.

Most Spacious Suite in Las Vegas

Besides money, size is another way to look at a hotel suite. The bigger the suite, the more luxurious it is. When you are paying so much money, you want the suite to be spacious. Most of the top suites in Vegas are over 1000 sq. ft…
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