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November 26, 2020 2 min to read

What you need to know about Suddenlink Communications

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Suddenlink Communications is a cable internet provider, founded in 2003. It was recently bought by Altice USA though it is still marketed and sold under the Suddenlink brand name.

It is among the largest cable internet providers in the United States. It offers its services throughout Texas, West Virginia, Louisiana, and 16 other states. It’s headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and it is the seventh largest cable broadband company in the United States.

Suddenlink offers high-speed internet, digital TV, home phone, advertising, and home security. As of today, their cable internet, digital voice, and TV services are available to a population of approx 7 million.

Suddenlink actually offers internet speeds with up to 1000Mbps with unlimited data usage. In fact, the cable technology used to deliver Suddenlink service is known to be significantly faster and performs much better than the older DSL lines.

However, for users who do not need such quite fast download speeds, they can select plans with speeds as low as 100Mbps.

Customers have a variety of TV packages they can choose from depending on their monthly entertainment needs. Most of Suddenlink TV packages come bundled with internet and they include Netflix with no additional cost.

Suddenlink TV package is enough to fit the needs of every entertainment lover. Plus, premium entertainment such as HBO and Showtime are available as add-ons.

Suddenlink home phone plan allows the user to enjoy unlimited local and nationwide calling. In addition to that, you get unlimited calling to Puerto Rico, Guam and the United States Virgin Islands at no additional costs.

The services you receive, the amount you pay for those services and where you live is determined by the taxes and fees imposed by federal, state, local and municipal governments.

Other surcharges such as mandated 911 surcharges also fall in this category.

Suddenlink is a brand within the Altice USA Corporation and it offers the following:

– Residential and business broadband internet
– Residential and business television service
– Residential and business digital voice service
– Targeted TV and online advertising for business customers

If you want to check your current Suddenlink internet speed, you can do so by visiting Suddenlink speed test page. Here, you will check your upload and download speeds in just a matter of a few seconds.

Some tests can even show you the latency you are experiencing as well. This way, you will be able to know if your current internet plan is the right one for you.

The company is always happy to assist and if for any reason the service you receive is unsatisfactory, they offer their customers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Furthermore, if service is out for more than 24 hours, then they will credit the account with $20.

Suddenlink is a cable provider and therefore their broadband services are delivered via coaxial cable networks.

Initially, these networks were designed and installed for cable TV purposes but they have now been adopted by cable companies like Suddenlink to also carry…
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