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August 1, 2020 2 min to read

What to consider before building a swimming pool

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Have you always dreamed of having a pool in your home? No matter what stage you of planning you’re in, you have to know that a swimming pool is a major investment with many options to choose from when it comes to design, functionality, and features.

And the key to any good investment is research, so here are some questions that can guide you along the way to ensure you get the pool of your dreams.

1. Why am I getting a pool?

Since this is a huge renovation project, consider why you are going for a swimming pool. What do you need it for? What is it’s purpose in your home? This helps you determine what size, shape, depth, or type of construction you would want.

Would it be for laps, relaxing or recreation? Do you want it to be for your kids to play in with their friends? Or is it an additional aesthetic enhancement to your backyard view?

2. Is my site ready for a pool?

Look at your backyard and take note of any slopes, because this makes construction more costly. Swimming pools are always easier to build on a level site.

If there are certain ground conditions such as sand, rocks, or unstable soil, this could make building trickier.

Is there enough space? The size and location of your property is another factor that plays in when determining the size and shape of your pool.

For urban sites, there could be strict requirements when it comes to property boundaries, so determine the shading from neighbouring buildings and trees that could limit your pool size.

3. Where should I put it?

As soon as you know what type of pool you want, you’ll now have to determine where to put it. Make sure to check your local council and building regulations regarding restrictions, pool fencing requirements, site coverage allowance, and proximity to stormwater drains.

4. Inground or above ground?

While soil excavation and removal can be costly, in-ground pools would generally have a more permanent feel compared to most above-ground types.

But if you happen to have a steep site, then it may be faster, cheaper and easier to install an above-ground pool made of fibreglass with a surrounding deck, especially if access to your pool area is tricky.

5. How much would it cost?

A basic concrete pool would cost around $50,000 which is definitely more expensive than one made of fibreglass, which would be about $25,000 upwards. Although with a concrete pool, you have the benefit of having a customised shape and size.

When it comes to maintenance, the largest cost would be the lining. Some concrete pools would require to be acid-washed every three…
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