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December 19, 2019 2 min to read

What should I do before junking my car?

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very year, more than 17 million people make the decision to buy a new car. Are you thinking about becoming one of them?

If so, you’re likely excited about the idea of pulling a new car into your driveway. But you might not be excited about the idea of trying to sell your old car, especially if it’s turned into a hunk of junk in recent years.

The good news is that there’s a very easy way to sell an old car, no matter what kind of condition it’s in. Google “junking my car” and you’ll find plenty of places that would be more than happy to take your old car off your hands.

The first thing you should do is find a junk car buyer that’ll make you a great offer on your car. Then, you should do these things before junking your car for good.

Find the Title for Your Old Car

Technically, you can sell an old car even if you don’t have a title for it. But there are laws regarding selling a car without a title, and you’re going to have to make sure you abide by them at all times.

It’s much easier to find the title for your old car so that you can sell it with ease. To transfer ownership of your car over to someone who specializes in buying junk cars for money, you’ll need to sign the back of your title and hand it over to the buyer.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t happen to have the title for your old car handy, let the buyer know ahead of time when you’re first thinking, “How can I go about junking my car?” They’ll let you know what your options are as far as selling your scrap car goes.

Clean Your Old Car Out

When you sell an old car to a junk car buyer, you don’t need for the inside and outside of the car to be spotless. Most junk car buyers know that the cars they’re buying aren’t going to be very aesthetically pleasing.

But you should take any personal possessions that you kept in your old car out of it. This includes: clothing and shoes, paperwork and important documents, cassette tapes and CDs.

You’re probably not going to be able to get back into your car later once you sell it. So try not to leave anything that you might want to keep behind in it…
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