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December 29, 2020 2 min to read

What is an MRI used for?

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Taking good care of your health is highly essential no matter what season of the year it is. Having good health results in a longer and happier life as you don’t have any health issues to be concerned about, allowing you to do the things you’ve wanted to do.

However, sooner or later, things will change, and you’ll feel ill eventually.

In an unfortunate event that you’ve become sick, your doctor would be coming to the rescue. Your doctors are there to help you recover from your illness and go back to normal.

However, if they’re having difficulty diagnosing your condition, they need to conduct an MRI scan to analyze further what you’re going through.

What Is MRI?

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a large machine that people go through to diagnose any underlying illness they may have.

MRI works by using magnetism, radio waves, and a computer that produces images of a person’s body structure.

The MRI machine is a large lying tube, with a hole and sliding table in the middle area. While inside the MRI machine, the patient shouldn’t make any sudden movements so that the machine could take proper images of the body.

The patient should hear clanging noise while the scan is in progress, and that’s completely normal, and it means that the machine is working.

If the patient feels uncomfortable, they can immediately inform the MRI technician as the MRI machine isn’t closed, which allows for easy communication.

What Is An MRI Used For?

As mentioned earlier, the reason why a doctor conducts an MRI scan on a patient is to allow them to see a more detailed image of a person, which will enable them to diagnose the health condition of their patient.

There could be different purposes as to why a patient needs an MRI scan. A full-body MRI scanning feature allows the machine to scan a person’s health by detecting any cancer possibilities for up to 14 organs in the body for only an hour.

Aside from this, the MRI scan can help to detect the following:

For brain or spinal cord MRI scanning:

– Bleeding
– Swelling
– Blood vessel damage
– Cancer
– Stroke
– Tumor
– Multiple sclerosis (MS)
– Eye problems
– Inner ear problems
– Brain aneurys
– Inflammation

For heart MRI scanning:

– Congenital heart defect
– Coronary heart disease
– Damage from a heart attack
– Heart failure
– Heart valve defect
– Pericarditis

For bones and joints MRI scanning:

– Bone infection
– Tumor
– Cancer
– Inflammatory disease
– Congenital abnormality
– Osteonecrosis
– Bone marrow disease
– Herniation or degeneration of the spinal cord’s discs
– Damage to the joints
– Disk problems in the spine
– Neck or low back pain, which includes…
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