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July 22, 2020 2 min to read

What is 925 silver? How to buy the best sterling silver jewelry

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When it comes to precious metals, silver often plays second fiddle to gold. It’s cheaper and it’s only been around since 3000 BC, while gold mining’s been on the go 1000 years earlier.

Both are valuable in their own right, although gold is more expensive and more abundant than silver. Silver tarnishes slightly more easily than gold and is also lighter. However, there’s one place where silver stands up to gold and that’s in the jewelry market, especially when it comes to 925 silver.

So, what is 925 silver and why is it so popular?

What is 925 Silver and why is it a Good Option for Jewelry?

The three main types of silver on the market today are pure silver, silver plate, and sterling silver.

In its natural state, pure silver is an excellent conductor of electricity and also has antibacterial qualities. As such, it’s often used in the technological and medical fields.

Its also used in solder, batteries, and electrical contacts, as well as for dental and brazing alloys. It’s the best natural reflector of light on Earth and thus used in photography and all kinds of mirrors.

However, on its own silver’s too soft for jewelry, which is where 925 sterling silver enters the picture. This type of silver contains 92.5% silver mixed with a stronger metal such as copper to reinforce it.

When you add another metal to silver in such small quantities, it does nothing to detract from the enduring beauty of silver, but it does make it stronger. On its own pure silver is too malleable for jewelry, it warps easily and loses its attractive design.

With the addition of copper to strengthen it, sterling silver’s used to create beautifully intricate designs for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Silverplate is silver that’s sprayed onto a metal, like copper or nickel silver, to add an attractive silver appearance to items like dinnerware.

Why Choose 925 Sterling Silver?

Many people view gold as a little ostentatious and thus prefer the elegant hues of silver, platinum, or palladium instead. Since silver is much cheaper than these other rare metals.

You can get wholesale necklaces in 925 silver for just over $5 each. This makes 925 sterling silver a clear winner for the jewelry enthusiast.

Price isn’t the only benefit 925 sterling silver brings to the table though. It also has several other valuable qualities, like:

Durability – Thanks to the addition of a second metal, sterling silver rings and other jewelry can stand up to everyday wear and tear. That means, sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime with very little extra care.

Versatility – Since silver’s easy to work with, there are few limits to the designs that jewelers can concoct with it. It’s easy…
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