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November 14, 2020 2 min to read

What exactly is a flat white?

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If you (like me!) love coffee, you’ve probably got your go-to brew that you order from every coffee shop. I love a rich, black coffee first thing in the morning but by lunchtime or early afternoon, you can’t beat a creamy, specialty coffee.

Of course, there’s all manner of sugar-laden, seasonal spiced lattes out there but what about the days when you just need something plain, simple yet fulfilling on its own?

The flat white is a humble coffee that has been gaining popularity in recent years. I’ve taken to ordering one most afternoons to get me through the after lunch sleepiness I always struggle with.

I had been enjoying this drink for many years before I realized that not everyone is familiar with it.

I’ve decided to clear up, once and for all what exactly is a flat white and why you should consider ordering one next time you visit your local coffee shop.

It’s All About The Milk

To sum it up in a few words, a flat white is a double shot of espresso topped with steamed, microfoamed milk only.

This is similar to a latte but the flat white contains less milk and the double shot espresso makes for a richer flavor. No foam layer is added to a flat white either so it’s a richer, creamier drink.

The warm drink has a velvety texture and a pronounced coffee flavor and makes for the perfect early morning or mid-afternoon beverage.

The Volume

There’s a lot of information out there that states a flat white has to be a certain volume to officially be called a flat white.

Some people claim it has to be between 150-160ml; others say it must fall between 160ml – 180ml. I’ve heard people say 200ml is correct and to round it off, Starbucks serves a flat white with a volume of 236ml.

The most common volume that I have seen repeated is 160ml so this seems to be a good place to start. However, everyone has their preferred way to brew this lovely drink so I don’t feel there’s a right or wrong answer to this.

The Origins Of The Flat White

As with most drinks containing coffee, my first thought goes to Italy, where the Espresso originates. Surprisingly, however, the flat white does not share these historical routes.

The first recorded reference to a flat white actually originates in Sydney Australia around the mid 1980s. A review of the cafe Miller’s Treat from 1983 refers to a flat white coffee.

The drink remained down under until it found its way into coffee shops in the UK around 2005. It didn’t make it to the States until 2013 where it first started popping up in Australian coffee shops around New York City.

The flat white has come a long way and it’s gained so much popularity in recent years that all major coffee shop chains…
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