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May 13, 2020 2 min to read

What can I do with a salesforce certification

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You might have been working as a salesforce professional for years. However, there is nothing to beat a well-designed certification course to give you that extra edge over your competitors.

You gain a better education about the salesforce platform. You also comprehend better the importance of maintaining customer relations and the sales graph. Above all, you learn about all the tools that can come into play at the workplace.

Several institutes are offering a certification course in salesforce. However, you would do well to opt for a long-standing and authentic establishment, such as Simplilearn.

Its well-qualified tutors reach out to all geographical locations. Now, what are the career prospects for a certified salesforce professional?

Salesforce Technical Architect

You could opt to join a company, a consultancy, or a salesforce partner. Yours is a highly responsible position for you to take charge of salesforce implementation.

Your splendid expertise in handling the complete salesforce platform and understanding of diverse web languages serves to impress all. In short, your knowledge about all aspects of salesforce is incredible!

The project team, which takes charge of salesforce implementation, cannot do without you. This is because you have the creativity to come up with a technical design, which caters to the custom elements of the concerned project.

However, you cannot take care of the entire project from beginning to end on your own. Therefore, you enlist the help of your talented team members and the salesforce solution architect.

Salesforce Solution Architect

You are the handy problem solver, who comes up with a specific solution for a particular issue. You take recourse to different salesforce technologies and products while doing this.

You are always up to the challenge, regardless of whatever requirements that the business/customer presents to you.

The design of the technical solution aims to be high performing in nature. You also work closely with the development teams, such that they adhere to the best practices possible always.

You extend your responsibilities across the salesforce platform. You offer solutions wherever and whenever required, by building novel implementations.

Salesforce Administrator

You add value to the business, only by ensuring the automation of all complex processes. It is also your job to make sure that the system works efficaciously and is clean.

Whenever there are new releases during the year, you keep a close watch on them. Your in-depth awareness and knowledge permit you to come up with customized solutions for…
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