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Understand the five different types of essays

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Many ENL and ESL students from all over the world study academic writing. And many students face difficulties while writing their papers.

The main trouble is that many people mix up the types of academic writing and then deliver something very different from the initial instructions.

Many students also use essay writing services to manage their projects easily and quickly. However, it is vital to learn academic writing specifics regardless of your wish to craft the paper on your own or use help.

That is why we are going to provide insights into five types of academic essays.

1. Narrative Essay

Many students confuse narrative and descriptive essays. Yet, they are easy to distinguish when you focus on the goal of your writing. The primary purpose of the narrative essay is to provide a story.

It is one of the writing types where you can tell a story from your perspective. The narrative paper includes the following features:

– Characters. The essay should represent the main characters.
– Theme. You should represent the theme in your thesis statement. The whole narrative should center on a specific motif.
– The conflict. You should include the development, the climax, and the resolution of the conflict.
– The plot. Lead your characters through the development of events.
– The setting. Your figures should interact with the imaginary environment.
– It is common to implement dialogues throughout the story.

While working on the narrative paper, you should include descriptions – use an extensive range of expressive means and stylistic devices for that.

It is also critical to stick to the motif and keep to the balance between narration and description. Remember that your goal is to tell a story.

2. Descriptive Essay

The purpose of the descriptive essay is to provide a vivid and complete description of phenomena, places, situations, experiences, and people.

While working on this type of essay, you should render five senses in your writing to describe your topic accurately:

– Smell
– Touch
– Sound
– Taste
– Sight

A descriptive essay, like any other type of writing, should be well-structured. It should contain the introduction with the thesis statement, the body, and the conclusion. You should transit to each element of your writing naturally.

The key point in writing a descriptive assignment is to use sensory information and create a mental picture of the described object.

3. Argumentative Essay

The main goal of the argumentative essay is to support a particular position or statement with evidence-based arguments. It is also called for…
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