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April 15, 2021 2 min to read

How to uncover your hidden talent during the pandemic

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The pandemic has forced people to down their tools and isolate themselves at home. Loss of jobs and pay cuts have become the order of the day.

This is a situation that has affected many people and having a job during this global emergency is a privilege rare to find.

While staying at home is essential to the global fight against the pandemic, the transformation from busy work life to staying at home doing absolutely nothing can be very boring.

Even when you have a few house chores to attend to, you still have a lot of time left to yourself. You can’t go out with friends as you used to and you also cant travel a lot. So, what do you do at home all day long?

Skills you can easily learn at home during lockdown

So many things have changed during these pandemic times. Apart from the dark side of Coronavirus and all the troubles it has caused, the pandemic has also presented new opportunities.

It is during self-quarantine moments that most people have discovered new hidden creative talents they have had all this while but never knew about.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you discover you have a talent that can actually earn you a living during this pandemic.

Of course, there is fear and self-doubt for the first time. Or could it be the misconception that certain activities are only limited to the talented few?

Well, regardless of your professional background, you still have an opportunity to uncover a hidden talent or find new ones. You see that hobby you had put aside due to busy schedules? That could be your hidden talent.

Other talents easy to uncover talents during this pandemic may include the following:


Maybe you have been baking right from a tender age but have never thought of doing the same professionally. This is the time you fine-tune your baking skills and become the new pastry chef in town.

If you are used to ordering muffins for breakfast and desserts, learn how to prepare them yourself. That local small speciality food store near you should have all the ingredients you need and the baking kit as well.

Try everything you’ve wanted to but time won’t allow. If you aren’t sure about a certain recipe make Google and YouTube your friend. You can also ask a friend to email their recipe.

Within a short time, you will have perfected your baking skills and made a sweet masterpiece. By the time the pandemic situation eases, you can even open your new bakery business.

Play the guitar

During this pandemic, there is no better way to genuinely transform your atonal strumming to a super sweet pleasant sound. Take advantage of self-quarantine to master the acoustic guitar.

You can easily get a series of guitar tutorials online to help you get started. So, if you have a guitar at home or you know someone you can borrow from, don’t let that opportunity slide. Get back to class and soon you’ll be strumming like…
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