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April 13, 2021 2 min to read

Benefits of traveling alone as a woman

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Women are special beings. Although some people would argue that they are actually delicate beings. The strength of a woman is hidden in so many ways. The guts to explore the world alone is one of them.

A lot of men have done this for so long but women haven’t been left out either. Although women were not many initially, solo female travel is now on the rise than ever before.

Women have now gained the confidence to travel the world alone. While this decision has come with some challenges, the advantages outnumber the cons. The more reason why many women have made the bold decision to travel alone.

Solo travelling for both men and women is excellent. It has well-known benefits such as discovering incredible places, meeting new people and just discovering more about oneself.

But do you know other than these general benefits, there are certain benefits specifically for women? Scroll down to find out why you should give female solo traveling a chance.

Even though it isn’t a basic requirement, it is an amazing travel experience worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime.

So, should a woman travel alone?

These days, more and more women are traveling alone. Apart from the experience being lots of fun, this trend could be associated with the benefits these women have discovered.

If you are contemplating about travelling alone or you have already made up the decision, here are the benefits you will soon begin to celebrate.


Travelling alone as a woman is so empowering. The experience is the ultimate confidence booster for most women.

There are certain things that women tend to take a back seat when they are travelling with their male partners such as carrying heavy luggage or handling difficult strangers.

However, when you are traveling alone, you have no one else to assist you. That’s when you realize you can also handle those tough situations all by yourself.

You end up defying all the stereotypical gender norms you have carried all along and embrace the strength you never knew you had.

Beyond that, discovering that not only men who can go on crazy desert road trips or go hiking on the mountains can be incredibly liberating.

Thus, as a woman, don’t allow anyone to dictate to you what you are capable of doing and what you aren’t. You have what it takes to conquer the world.

Taking charge

Women have for a long time failed to take leadership roles because they lack the courage or are not given the opportunity.

As a result, most of them have settled on a lower position because they think that is where they rightfully belong.

They are even used to taking instructions all the time and never giving out any. However, if you embark on a solo trip, you are left with no choice other than to take the lead and make all the decision; a game-changing trait for most women.

Travelling alone means taking the lead without expecting help from someone else…
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