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September 4, 2020 4 min to read

Improve your marriage – top 5 hacks for having a better-quality sex life

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Having a successful marriage is about a lot more than just having a healthy sex life. However, if you and your partner are struggling to get intimate in the bedroom – or anywhere else, for that matter – it can have a very detrimental effect on your relationship.

Keep in mind that medical and traumatic issues can affect a person’s libido, and no number of tips and hacks can solve these problems. If you or your partner is dealing with a medical problem, it’s best to see a professional. Many of these issues can be treated and don’t need to be the end of a relationship.

For this article, we’re going to assume that you’re perfectly happy, in love, and ready to get steamy! Here are our top five hacks for spicing up your sex life.

Choose the Perfect Mattress

When you buy a mattress, you try to choose one that will suit your sleeping habits the best. However, very few of us consider how a high-quality mattress can affect our sex lives.

The average couple likes to do the vertical tango at least once a week, but a poor mattress can make the experience uncomfortable and painful. An old bed might be the culprit behind you or your partner’s lower libido.

When choosing the best mattress for sex, consider things like bounciness, noise, firmness, and, of course, edge support. There’s nothing that disrupts the mood like breaking your back after tumbling to the floor!

Sugar, Sauce, Food, and Hydration

What you eat and drink can significantly impact your libido, whether you’re male, female, or anywhere in between.

For example, sugar can create hormonal imbalances in women that prevent arousal. On the other hand, in men, it can lead to lower testosterone production – a sure-fire way to flatline your sex life. You don’t need to cut it out completely, but moderation is the way to go with saccharine sweets.

Alcohol is another big culprit here. While the “sauce” is excellent for your social life, it can render your sex life limp, dry, and practically non-existent. While a few drinks can curb your sexual anxiety, especially if you’re on a date or feeling a little worried, it might not be worth the risk.

If you really need a drink, go for a refreshing glass of water instead. Many folks forget to drink enough water throughout the day, and a dried-out body can also dry out a few other things that make it extremely hard to get the action flowing.

Finally, if you’re planning on having a bite to eat before hitting the mattress, don’t. Having sex on a full stomach can be uncomfortable and quickly kill the mood. Instead, satisfy each other first, and then sate your stomach.

Relax a Little

Stress is a killer, and your libido isn’t its only victim. Avoiding it, however, is a problem that no one has managed to solve yet. As your anxiety and stress levels rise, your body starts releasing certain hormones that trigger your fight or flight response.

If stress is an issue, you’ll need to start practicing techniques to manage the problem. Try breathing exercises, meditation, or just letting go. Stress is often triggered by the expectation of a problem rather than a present issue. Just focus on the moment, and let nature work its magic.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Nothing can add fire to the bedroom the way that a little experimentation does. That doesn’t mean that you need to bring out the cuffs, whips, and crosses, but a little spank can work miracles.

Look up a few ideas together and figure out what you’d be comfortable trying. You can even visit a sex shop together, and explore the different toys, tools, and temptations. Whether you walk out with a mask or a bag full of tantalizing toys is up to you.

If Things Get Difficult, Plan

If there’s one problem that many couples are aware of but very few know how to cope with, it’s time. There’s work, the kids, cleaning, laundry, groceries – the list is endless. Eventually, these tasks, trivial and vital, will leave you high, dry, and feeling very unsatisfied.

While many busy couples often have a monthly ‘date night,’ it still isn’t always enough to solve this problem – but it is part of the answer. Consider this: what do we do when we need to do something extremely important on a deadline with a busy agenda? We plan and put it on our schedule.

Planning your bedroom activities might not sound very sexy, but, for many couples, it’s a lifesaver. Even sex coaches swear by it! Pick out a couple of times a week or month, and label it as time with your partner. Don’t move it, reschedule it, or ignore it.

Final Word

It doesn’t have to be a challenge to breathe a little more fun into your sex life. Plan ahead, make sure that the bed’s comfortable, and relax. Make sure you avoid sugar and alcohol and drink lots of water!

Finally, remember to talk to each other and try out new things. Communication and experimentation can go a long way to enhancing your sex life, even if you decide to do it on a schedule.

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