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March 29, 2020 2 min to read

Top 9 dog breeds for police work

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Dogs have been working and serving people in many ways for years. Police dogs are not a new concept – they have been around for over 100 years now, sniffing out for bombs, evidence, drugs, and criminals in the United Kingdom and Germany first, and then all over the world.

But just like in the case of people, not every dog can become a police dog; there are some individuals that aren’t right for the task, but, speaking more generally, some breeds are better for the job than others.

It all started with Bloodhounds, because of their well-known skills in hunting, but since then, more breeds have proved their value in police work.

There isn’t one perfect breed for a police dog, as there are different units and responsibilities; protection, search, narcotics, rescue – all these teams will need something not entirely, but a little bit different.

What are the best police dog breeds right now?

1. German shepherd

This is the most popular breed among police dogs, often depicted in movies and tv shows. They are easy to train, and they stay obedient at all times.

German shepherds are excellent at sniffing and searching, but they also serve on rescue and chase missions. They are incredibly fast, and it’s hard to scare them.

2. Beagle

They are generally not pictured as police officers, but the truth is, beagles have one of the best noses among all dog breeds. You can find a lot of them in airports, border zones, and among members of narcotics teams.

Especially that, apart from the great smell, they are great to be around, and their size allows them to fit into places that a human wouldn’t be able to.

3. Bloodhound

They were the first breed to help police, and they keep ranking high in all best police dog officers. It’s a big and strong dog that can be of great help during rescue missions and manhunts.

They are still highly appreciated because of their tracking abilities and smells, being able to track a missing person, even weeks after the disappearance.

They found their recognition as children seekers, also because they are also friendly and not at all scary to children.

4. Belgian Malinois

It’s no wonder they are extremely useful for police work as they are cousins of well-known German shepherds. What’s more, they are smaller and have a quicker reaction time than their bigger cousins. They very often work the same job as German shepherds, sniffing…
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