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May 22, 2020 2 min to read

Tips on how to earn some extra money when you have a local driver’s license

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You should be aware of the fact that having a reasonably reliable car and a driving license opens up a wide range of possibilities to make some extra money.

If you don’t mind spending a part of your free time driving, you can even earn hundreds of dollars each month.

It has been known for decades already, but nowadays, there are even more opportunities with all the applications based on using private cars. Many people earn with DoorDash, Uber, and not only.

We have prepared a short guide of the most popular ways to make money, with only your vehicle and a local driver’s license being necessary.


Uber has been present on the market for around 11 years already and still plays the leading role in ridesharing. However, some competitors also try to get on the way, with the most important one being Lyft.

This company is said to be a bit more friendly to prospective drivers. Nevertheless, many people have both applications open in order to have more opportunities to make money.

However, ridesharing has its disadvantages, one of them being the requests of clients asking you to drive as fast as possible.

There is some disturbing evidence showing that those drivers who speed up earn more than those who put safety in the first place.

Nonetheless, if you have a clean driving record and a car that meets all the requirements, Lyft and Uber are reliable ways to make extra money.

Note that the number of clients may differ due to a particular day and hour – for example, rush hours or Friday and Saturday nights can be very profitable.

Marketing wraps

It is not always necessary to put extra miles on your vehicle to use it to earn additional income. There is an option to make money by just driving your car around regularly – you can let it be used for marketing purposes.

You can download such apps like Wrapify to connect with potential advertisers. After logging where you drive for some time, it will match you with the most appropriate local or national marketing campaigns.

Then, you can choose the one you like and have your car wrapped with a promotional sticker. You do not need to worry about any damages – those wraps are entirely removable, and they do not leave any marks on the body of your vehicle.

The amount of money you get for it may vary due to the surface being covered, your location, or…
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