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May 27, 2020 2 min to read

Tips on how to attract subscribers to your Youtube channel

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Every year, it becomes more expensive to attract subscribers to the YouTube channel. But a successful result justifies all efforts.

The main paid methods are still the same: collaboration with bloggers, buying views, direct advertising from them and through Google AdWords.

But it is necessary to consider the economic feasibility of advertising — how justified is paid promotion?

Choosing a Theme

To do this, you need to find a suitable keyword – a search phrase that people are looking for information on. You can use the services such as vidIQ and TubeBuddy, You can also work with or Keyword Planner from Google.

See the query frequency, which shows how often users enter these keys. If the frequency is too low, the video will not find viewers. If it is too high – it will be difficult to use this key in the YouTube search.

According to the TubeBuddy service, the key query “USA” is used by 480 million videos. This is a high-frequency request, and it will be difficult for a young channel to compete with promoted YouTube blogs.

Therefore, take a medium-frequency or low-frequency key, for example, “how to move from Germany to the United States in 2020” and make the video for it.

Planning a Scenario

All videos have the same structure-the beginning, main part, and ending. The beginning should hold the audience, the middle should respond to their request, and the end should convert them into subscribers.

In order not to confuse the tasks of each part and not get lost, it is better to prepare a video script in advance.

To do this, think about what you need to say, write it down and rehearse it, especially if you don’t have any experience.

Pay special attention to the beginning of the video. Do not make it long, so as not to lose users. Most often, people have already watched a couple of commercials before the video and do not want to watch a long ad saver again, this time from a blogger.

It is better to show the logo and name of the channel for just 3-5 seconds and immediately greet the audience.

Be sure to say the key queries that the video was shot for in the first 20 seconds. YouTube recognizes speech, and this will help organic promotion.

If the video is called “Luxury cosmetics 2020”, then we must say: “Hello everyone! Today we will talk about luxury cosmetics in 2020”…
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