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November 10, 2020 2 min to read

The lure of online slots and how children of today are primed to be gamblers

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It is every parent’s desire to see their children excel in life. That’s why parents go extra miles just to fulfill their children’s needs from teaching them good morals to ensuring they acquire the best education.

However, this is not always the case. There are things or people they may come across who can lure them into other activities.

While the things that can influence your child’s future are countless, this article focuses more on online gambling and the impact they have on children and teenagers.

In most cases, the problem occurs because the parents think it’s too early to talk about gambling with their children. Others assume that theirs cannot fall in this hobby.

Although the legal age for one to start gambling in most countries is 18 years, some children start as early as 10 years. By the age of 15, they are already struggling with the problems associated to gambling.

If you are a parent, a guardian or a caregiver, the information contained here will help you understand online gaming in children and how you can protect them from being gamblers at such a tender age.

Many children are hooked into gambling and online casino games. This is so partly because they were exposed to it by the people who would have protected them and partly because the advertisements done about gambling makes it look super cool and fun. Children view the whole thing as excited and the urge to try it out is just irresistible.

It is deeply concerning to note that the availability of gambling platforms is everywhere right from our TVs during football games, video games, computers to smartphones. Meaning, if your children wants to try it out, they can do so without your knowledge.

Children also have the opportunity to follow gambling companies on social media and that’s why they are easily lured to spend money on gambling.

The fact that there is room to make money while gambling, it becomes difficult for a child to resist the urge of gambling especially if they have already seen the habit with other kids or even adults.

Besides, online gambling is designed in such a way that players tend to win a lot in the beginning. This makes the players get the perception that winning streak will keep going on as they continue to play.

Most addicted gamblers will tell you that they found themselves where they are now because they saw an amazing opportunity to make good money.

Since gambling is based on chance, even when you lose, it’s extremely tempting to think you are going to win next time…
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