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Vital things to consider when including your dog in your wedding

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Your big day is around the corner, right? It’s only natural to include the most special people in your life. Otherwise, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by amazing family members and friends who have been with them through thick and thin on their wedding day?

You may also want to include your pet but you just don’t know if it’s a good idea. Although making the decision is not complicated considering the bond you share with your adorable dog, there are certain things you may need to consider.

Read on and carefully weigh the pros and the cons involved. The information will help you decide if the idea is good for you and your dog and if not, what you can do to make your pet feel special on the D-day.

Why should you include your dog at your wedding?

If you make up your mind to make your pooch part of your wedding, here are the benefits you stand to gain.


Your lovely dog can really keep your guests entertained throughout the ceremony. So, bring your pet along and allow it to roam around, play and keep your guests happy. Even the grumpiest guests will have something to smile about.


You will agree that if you don’t bring your dog to your wedding you will miss it too much. Imagine it will be missing you dearly as well?

Truth be told, you have grown fond of each other over time, how then will it feel not to see his lovely face as you say your vows. You will surely love to see him roam around as you make merry on your special day.

Colour the day

Apart from entertaining your guests, pets can also create an amazing opportunity for super colourful and fun photoshoots.

Hence, if you include your dog on the guests’ list, ensure you take lots of photos when everyone is looking at their best. They will look good on the walls of your new home and create lots of memorable moments too.

Why should you not?

Guests comfort

Understandably, you love your dog so much but please appreciate the fact that not everyone is comfortable with dogs around them.

If you have special guests who you cannot afford to exclude in your wedding but they are either allergic or can’t just get along with dogs, it would be best to prioritize their comfort.

Lack of a handler

However lovable and adorable your dog is, remember it will need constant care throughout the ceremony. If you know you don’t have a dog sitter…
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