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July 14, 2020 2 min to read

4 benefits of taking CBD gummies before getting on the plane

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For some, there’s nothing more exciting than hopping on a plane and jetting off to some far away destination. But, for others, the whole process of traveling, from the busy airport to the anxiety during takeoff, can be extremely stressful.

The good news is that CBD may be the perfect anecdote for anxiety-filled travelers. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in cannabis and hemp plants.

For years, CBD products have been the go-to for treating stress and anxiety without the risk of harmful side effects.

If you’re someone who dreads flying, now is the perfect time to consider packing CBD gummies in your carry-on bag. Here are four benefits of taking CBD gummies, which will make flying a little more enjoyable.

1. Minimize Travel Anxiety

Whether you dread being on a plane, jam-packed airports, or the idea of being in the air for hours, CBD may be helpful in minimizing travel anxiety.

This is because CBD works in the body by activating the endocannabinoid system. It lessens the stress response by reducing activity in the amygdala.

This is the part of the brain that controls the threat detection system. This system can trigger the body’s fight or flight response.

By impacting brain activity and the threat response system, CBD gummies can be used to change your perception of threats and stressors when traveling by plane. This can make traveling a lot less panicky and stressful.

2. Jet Lag & Sleep

CBD isn’t a sleep aid, but in higher dosages, CBD does have calming effects. If you have a red eye flight or just want to minimize jet lag, taking a few CBD gummies a few hours before your flight may be able to help.

Many people are unable to sleep on a plane because of stress, anxiety, and fear. By taking CBD, you can calm your mind’s worries and concerns, and get the rest you need. Sleeping on a plane is especially important if you have a long flight, or if you have to adjust to a new time zone.

For those traveling long distances, be sure to take CBD gummies before, during, and after your flight. This way you can keep a steady level of CBD in your body so that you can continue to enjoy the therapeutic effects for the duration of your trip.

3. Lowered Reaction to Irritations

Unless you’re extremely lucky, chances are that your flight will include a few irritants. From crying babies to the passenger next to you who can’t stop talking, there’s plenty of time for you to become irritable and moody.

By taking CBD gummies before your flight, you can take the edge off and reduce irritability when on your flight. CBD interacts with the mood-boosting areas of the brain, which means…
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