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February 14, 2021 2 min to read

Supportive elderly care: useful ways to look after your senior family member during covid

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The era of Covid has swept in and brought in an overwhelming amount of physical health risks, and with that has come worry and anxiety when it comes to caring for our family members.

In particular, our elderly relatives are at the center of our minds. Adults who are 65 or older, and who have underlying medical issues such as diabetes or heart disease, fall into the highest risk groups when catching the pandemic and being hospitalized.

It’s normal to be concerned about relatives who could risk such a debilitating situation. However, excessive distress helps no one and will often lead to uncertainty.

There are options available to your family depending on your location. You might consider a home health agency. Or extended nursing home visits.

If you want to aid your elderly family members in their self-health efforts, then informing yourself about a few ways to better care for them – remotely and onsite – could be a path towards more effective assistance for your senior family.

Simple and Secure Safety

Masks are integral in reducing the spread of Covid, and it’s medically crucial to wear them when we travel or venture outdoors for essential tasks. This task, however, becomes even more critical when visiting to care for our senior family members.

You’ll want to make sure that you’ve been wearing a mask at all times when outside of your home, as well as avoiding close contact with anyone outside of your immediate family.

When needing to visit your elderly family member to drop off medicine or catch up after a long while, check on his or her mask. If it will improve the situation, offer to buy or help make a new one with them.

Maintain a reasonable distance from your relative, which will reduce the risk of potentially catching the disease.

As you know, many Covid infections are caused by individuals carrying the illness who aren’t showing any symptoms.

Make sure to practice proper hygiene, such as washing your hands thoroughly, as well as sneezing or coughing into tissues (or, if there are none on hand, into your elbow).

And, as always, ensure that your senior citizen relative is following the same health guidelines. It’s all about keeping them secure during a period of uncertain health risk.

A Vital Video Chat

We all love our senior family members, but let’s face it: we can’t be there for them physically every single day, or whenever they call us about a particular issue.

We care deeply about the physical struggles that they’re going through, as well as their mental distress about aspects of social isolation.

However, we have our schedules and our own time with which to work. Thus, we need to figure out additional…
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