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February 3, 2021 3 min to read

Tips for styling yourself in winter

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Style or comfort – this might be your everyday dilemma as the mercury drops. However, if you live in some place where the temperature stays minus 25°C, five days a week, looking good while fighting off cold may not be your priority.

One of the most crucial parts of staying warm and looking chic in winter is to master the art of layering up.

If you think putting away your trendy summer outfits might put a stop to your styling in winter, you are wrong. Winter styling is fun if you can find the balance between being practical and looking good.

If you want to know how to avoid looking like a frumpy bundle of coats, hats, and scarves this winter, read on to learn some winter styling hacks.

Choose the Right Jacket

Selecting the right winter jacket is vital as it is the first layer of protection against winter. The types of jackets you need depend on the amount of cold you will face in your area.

If you expect a wet, snowy winter in your area, make sure you choose a waterproof jacket. You have a choice between synthetic and down insulation to provide you an appropriate weight-to-warmth ratio.

Make sure your jacket has a hood attached to it. For better styling options, add several jackets in your closet so that you can alter them throughout the week. Go for neutral colors so they can be versatile in their use.

Hack the Winter with Layering

Layering is an absolute necessity if you live in extremely cold weather. To keep yourself warm even in dead winter, you need to learn how to layer up with different clothing items.

Layering is also a fashion choice that allows you to ramp up your clothing ensemble with just a few items.

Besides, when you layer up, you get a chance to incorporate items that are not so suitable for winter, but you make it work by pairing them with other winter gear.

This is an excellent way to make good use of clothing regardless of the season.

Wear a Base Layer

Add a sensible base layer as your go-to ensemble. The base layer provides you the freedom to wear whatever you want on top without making you cold. So choose this item sensibly so that you stay comfortable round the clock.

The base layer should be light and well-fitting but not too snug that it will cut off your blood circulation or restrict your movement.

You can wear thermal tops and leggings as your base layer, it won’t create a bulky layer over your body, and when you add a sweater or coat, they will not be too snug either.

A woolen base layer is also a great option, but it might bulk you up a little while you assemble it with other outerwear.

Layer It Up With a Long-Sleeve T-Shirt or Flannel Shirt

To layer between your coat and thermal, you can wear a T-shirt or a flannel shirt; flannel is a great option to keep you warm in winter. You can also add vests, button-downs, sweaters, cardigans, crop tops as your mid-layer.

The mid-layer is often visible through the outer layer, so choose a texture or pattern that will go nicely with your final layer.

The mid-layer should be well-fitting to your body. Choose a color that will contrast with your outerwear.

Add Denim over Your Flannel Leggings

You can wear denim all around the year, but in extreme winter, you might need an extra layer of protection before you put it on. You can also invest in some winter denim; having fleece-lined or flannel-lined denim is…
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