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January 22, 2020 2 min to read

Simple bedroom decoration ideas that bring a bedroom to life

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Studies have shown that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Wouldn’t it be sad if you spent 1/3 of your life in a lifeless room? Having a depressing bedroom would make it a lot difficult for you to relax. And waking up to a dull bedroom would not be so great for your morale.

Regardless of this fact, people shy away from redecorating their bedrooms. A significant reason is that the idea of renovating a room seems stressful, complicated and expensive. Surprisingly, Bedroom is the least expensive place in a home to renovate. It is not as costly as say renovating your bathroom or kitchen. For the most part, you just need a deep clean and some surface work.

This article will show you some of the most straightforward refurbishing ideas that will inject life into a depressing bedroom. Here you go:

Paint your room

Nothing brings life to a depressing place better than a great paint job. It is the fastest and the cheapest way to change the overall character of your room. There are a lot of color options you can choose from based on the aesthetic you are going for. If you want your room’s ambiance to be cozy and inviting, go for warm colors like orange. If you prefer a more chill vibe, go for blue-based colors. Do not be scared to try new things out. If you figure out you do not like a color; you can easily paint it.

Bring the Outdoors In

Plants and flowers will go a long way in improving the appearance of a depressing room. These natural elements will not only bring life by adding color to your room. They will also increase the quality of the air in your room.

Let the Light in

Another way to make your bedroom look less depressing is to let some natural light in. It will literally brighten things up. If you are worried about privacy, some semi-sheer curtains will make sure your bedroom will keep its privacy.

Remove clutter

This may be the most straightforward and effective way to inject life into your bedroom. Old and useless items take up a lot of space, making the room looked cramped up and look depressing. Take away those old books you won’t read again. Sell the guitar that spends more time in the corner of your room than in your hands.

Change your bed

Wrong bed and beddings can cause your room not only to look and feel dull. One way to bring your bedroom to life is to change your mattress and bedclothes. For aesthetic purposes, when changing your bedclothes, pay attention to the color and material. It would be great if the color of your bedsheets and duvets align perfectly with the overall color palette of your room. If having to choose the right color will be too stressful for you, go with the traditional white bedsheets that go with everything. If you want to change your mattress, I recommend the memory foams from Lull (see review on They produce some of the best products in the market.

Get some Rugs

Paying attention to the flooring of your bedroom can go a long way in bringing your bedroom back to life. A beautiful rug or carpet can make the bedroom look a lot cozier. Rugs can help pull the room together. In fact, by installing them in layers, you can make the room have a relaxed and collected vibe. There is the added benefit of waking up to something soft under your feet.

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