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Romwe review

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Romwe has been in the fashion business since 2010. It is an international women’s clothing site that sells beautiful clothes at a price that will tempt you to buy for all members of your family and friends. Crazy right? Well, that is possible when you shop at Romwe. One thing I like about them is the fact that they have always strived to provide high-value trendy pieces at an incredible price.

Furthermore, they also ensure that they provide high-quality services to their esteemed customers. Basically, Romwe is known for designing, sourcing, marketing and selling clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. It features a colorful and stylish women’s wear collection.

Romwe is among the most promising trendy ensembles in the world of online shopping. It has some of the best online shopping for women. In my review, I will examine the quality of their clothes and their general business practices so that you can be informed and determined if you would like to shop with them.

Is Romwe legit?

Could you be wondering if Romwe is legit? It is actually fair to wonder if Romwe is legit considering there are a number of online stores that are not safe to order from. Moreover, the deals on their clothing seem too good to be true to some people. However, to me, this is an opportunity I’m enjoying every bit.

Romwe is very legit. I have been wearing their clothing for quite some time now and even right now I’m wearing a sweatshirt from Romwe. What does that tell you? It is evident they legitimately make and sell clothes to people like you and me. When I place an order today, I’m sure to receive the item in good shape.

The information you will gather here will enable you to decide if you will visit Romwe online shopping every time you want a change of your wardrobe. Apart from Romwe being the latest series of clothing stores, it has outfits that keep up with the current fashion trends.

Benefits of registering with Romwe

There is a number of benefits when you register with Romwe. First of all, you are eligible to get US$5 off your first order when you shop products worth over US$49. Isn’t that nice? This is a great way to start your online shopping journey with Romwe. A small start to test their products and shipping and eventually their return policy. Later on you can use another coupon code or promo code to benefit of other price reductions.

When you register yourself with Romwe, you enjoy favorable prices and an impressive shopping experience that you cannot get from any of their direct competitors. Their products are not only affordable but they are also trendy. Imagine shopping for all your clothing in one store? That will ensure you save time and resources and saving to a client is always welcome.

Registering with means that tracking and tracing your order will be as simple as the blink of an eye. You get an opportunity to track your order when it is in normal transit and in case of any inquiries, you can easily contact their customer service whether it is before or after sales.

If you don’t want to miss their weekly or even daily new promotions, then join them by registering on Be the first to get the latest promotions and shop your wishlist at the best prices ever by simply registering and subscribing with I have benefited a lot from this and this has made me an envious amongst my friends and relatives who want to steal my fabulous looks from Romwe outfits.

Order delivery

Here’s what I like about It doesn’t matter where you are located because it is a global online fashion retailer and this means you will receive your order wherever you are. They ship from warehouses in the US, Europe and China and make deliveries to (almost) every corner of the universe. In addition to that, Romwe offers free shipping to customers who order products worth $49 and more. This is just one way where the company provides a saving chance to its shoppers. Another saving opportunity goes to students. Students are eligible to a 10% discount whenever they shop with Romwe’s online inventory. To benefit from this discount, you are required to register with Students Beans and unlock the savings.

The company requests you to allow 3 to 7 working days for your order to be processed before the shipment is done. The weekends and public holidays are not included. I also found out that the processing time from the company is not included in the shipping time which is done by a different shipping company. This can take longer than you expected but the good news is that you will definitely receive your order in good shape.

Each order has an associated tracking number. When your order is shipped, you will be notified through an email. Due to the fact that Romwe is unable to control the delivery speed of the carrier, different countries will have different times of order delivery.

If the product you ordered is not available for immediate shipment, Romwe is kind enough to let you know. This can result in a separation of your order in different shipments but don’t worry because you won’t incur an extra charge. In other words, items ordered together may not be shipped out on the same day but whichever the way, you will receive all your products at no extra cost.

Generally, Romwe shipping fees are as follows:

Order total >> Shipping fees
$0-$19 >> $6.99
$19- $49 >> $3.99
$49 and above >> Free

Romwe return policy

It may interest you to know that Romwe actually accepts returns although there are certain protocols to be observed and not all items are accepted. When you purchase a product from Romwe and realize it is not the right item for you, it is not yet time to start counting losses. So long as it is within 60 days from the time of purchase and it doesn’t fall under the category of products such as bodysuits, lingerie & sleepwear, swimwear, jewelry, personal & health care, and accessories, you can always plan for a return.

However, products such as scarves, bags and mermaid blankets are exempted and this means they are among the returnable products. Other items that cannot be returned are final sales items and free gifts. You also need to check with them before sending back the item to them. If you just return the item without checking on them first, you might be in for a rude shock. My advice would be to follow the right procedure so that they can serve you better.

It is also important to note that the address on the package of your item is not their return address. If you use it, they won’t be able to affect the processing of your return and you might as well forget about your item anyway.

To return an item in the right way, start by submitting a support ticket on a link provided on their website. Ensure you receive their feedback on the way forward and if you are told to return it, then please do so. Pack the item(s) in a secure box or envelop of your choice. Remember to put your authorization number next to the recipient name. You can now mail your return package using a traceable carrier and wait to hear from them.

In most cases, returned items are processed within 5 working days after the company receives your package. If you didn’t advise them to refund the payment in your account in advance, they will automatically give the refund to your Romwe wallet. If you don’t wish to purchase another item using the funds in the wallet, you are at liberty to withdraw it to your account. You will be notified via an email when a refund is made.

Unfortunately, Romwe doesn’t refund the returning shipping charges. At the moment, the company is unable to process exchanges. However, if you realize the item you received is incorrect or is defective, don’t just keep quiet, you can contact their customer care desk and they normally reply within the next 24 hours.

Products sold at Romwe

I fell in love with when I visited their online shop desperately looking for nude heels to attend an event and they were not a disappointment. Actually, I ended up purchasing even the dress and other accessories at a pocket-friendly price. Of course, I made the day with that Bardot velvet dress which made me the center of interest at the event. Since then, my secret to that fabulous look is a visit to

This is one site you can never leave without getting what you were looking for. The ladies are luckier with a number of items lined up for them. Some of such products include sweatshirts, sweaters, coats & jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, tops, beachwear, denim, shoes, bags, bathing suits, accessories, jewelry and beauty products. Even the plus size women are well taken care of. The kids, both boys and girls, are also not left out. More so, men are equally considered with a number of items specifically designed to their taste. Such products include hoodies & sweatshirts, coats & jackets, knitwear, tops, men bottoms, denim, two-piece outfits, accessories, jewelry, and shoes.

There are a number of items I like in this site but the most favorite is the dresses. They come in different sizes, designs, fabrics and colors just to make sure you get a perfect choice. You will get a dress for any event right from dinner to church or even a wedding. Another impressive thing I noted about them is the fact that they provide a sizing guide for both regular and plus size. This is a big plus because you can order the dress and wear it to an event without making any adjustments.

I’m sure Romwe is a darling to many considering it gives you a chance to own high fashion attire at very affordable prices something you cannot get from their competitors. I understand that most of these products are made in China. The materials used are the best and Romwe has vowed to satisfy their clients every time they shop with them.

I have been really impressed by the styles found at Romwe. This is because the outfits are designed in such a way that the needs of the customers are met. Be it a casual dresser, a high fashion girl like me or even a punk rocker. Whatever your category is, Romwe ensures you get the perfect clothing option for that man, woman or child at an affordable price.

Romwe is here to ensure we get the perfect outfit and accessories to match with all our favorite outfits giving us that awesome look. There for, for more high fashion styles and pocket-friendly prices, make a visit to
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