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February 21, 2020 2 min to read

Reverse osmosis costs: is it worth it?

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Does reverse osmosis contribute to the well being of your family (especially your children)?

Is it safe?

Are reverse osmosis’ costs reasonable and manageable?

I don’t blame you for taking precautions. These systems aren’t cheap and it’s your right to know what you’re signing up for. If you’re looking for a straightforward answer, then yes, reverse osmosis systems are worth every penny.

However, I want to be reasonable and back the answer with facts.

Did you know that young children are 5 times more vulnerable to heavy metals such as Lead and Arsenic? Lead can drastically affect your child’s IQ and even alter his/her behavior. However, reverse osmosis water is clear of heavy metals.

There are many other benefits of drinking reverse osmosis water. This still hasn’t stopped people from wondering whether RO water is bad for you. This post should help dispel any mistaken beliefs regarding this.

Reverse osmosis in simple words

Reverse osmosis is the latest trend in the water treatment industry. It purifies normal contaminated tap water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane and several other filters in a system.

There are a lot of RO systems in the market varying in price, size, and functionality.

The three most popular types are:

– The standard under-the-sink system
– Countertop system
– Whole-house system

How much does a home reverse osmosis system cost?

On average $150-$500. Of course, the prices vary from one manufacturer to another and are affected by several factors.

I snooped around and even found several RO systems under $100!

However, you need to be careful, the cheaper the price, the more you’re compromising on quality, and the higher your maintenance costs.

Factors affecting reverse osmosis costs


This has a lot to do with your household’s daily water requirements. If you’re looking for a small and simple system for everyday use such as drinking and cooking, then the under-the-sink system is for you.

However, some want to supply their entire house with clean purified water. Their best pick would be the more expensive whole-house system. However, its installation and maintenance costs are higher compared to the standard and countertop RO systems.


It’s safe to say that all reverse osmosis systems are unique. Each has its add-ons, efficiency, and production rate.

A standard RO system has 4 filters. However, there are others with 5 or more.

The more the filters, the higher the price. This is because each filter has its intended purpose. Some systems come with re-mineralizing filters that…
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