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March 25, 2020 2 min to read

Reasons why ethical beauty is the future

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Cruelty-free makeup seems to be enjoying a real buzz at the moment, considering the fact that 2019 was declared ‘The Year of the Vegan’.

This ongoing trend for making more conscious lifestyle choices has also helped the campaign for a more ethical beauty industry in a massive way.

It may have been considered impossible to find sustainable and ethical cosmetics years ago, but nowadays the market abounds in such products.

The best part of it all? You can find them at convenient prices that won’t break your bank. In other words, today, it’s easier than ever to become a conscious consumer and make some groundbreaking changes with your beauty care routine.

It’s certainly been a push for brands to do some novel thinking, implementing innovation and technology. With more and more people becoming aware of the positive impact of buying and using eco-friendly and ethical beauty products, all that is certainly at the benefit of both cosmetic brands and customers. There’s a variety of affordable products on the market that’s continuously growing.

Benefits of Making the Change

You may have adopted some sustainable conscious habits at home. You’re probably trying to cut down your waste and carbon footprint.

But unless you’ve switched to using ethical cosmetics, the truth of the matter is, you’re not making much of a difference, given the size of the cosmetics industry.

Ethical beauty products are cruelty-free – they haven’t been tested on animals, so by opting for this alternative, you show that you care for the animals even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan.

Likewise, choosing organic and ethical beauty also implies you make way for natural ingredients in your pampering.

Organic products greatly differ from chemical ones which besides being bad for your overall health, may also cause redness and itchiness to your skin.

Once you introduce natural products into your beauty routine, you will start noticing that your skin is more plump, healthy and rejuvenated. And who doesn’t want that?

Besides, when you make way for ethical cosmetics, you start paying more attention to the way you shop – you’ll become more mindful with your purchases and only buy the items you truly need.

This will help you save up more and produce less waste as a result.

So Much More than Makeup

The moment you start looking through the different brands and their products, you’ll realize that ethical cosmetics offer more than just makeup.

You’ll come across ethical brushes and various nutritional powder blends formulated for those with active lifestyles to help them reach their fitness goals…
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