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December 11, 2020 2 min to read

Top reasons to visit Venice, Italy

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Venice is indeed a magnificent city. Its charm and spectacular views are just irresistible. No wonder people from all over the world flock here often.

Could it be the city’s centuries-old unchanged buildings or the city’s labyrinth of canals, bridges, islands and pedestrian alleys? Here are amazing reasons why you should consider making Venice your next vacation destination.

A gondola ride

Your tour to Venice is not complete without a gondola ride. This is what the city is best known for. Even if you are on a tight budget, make sure you have at least one gondola ride.

The leisurely pace those gondoliers manoeuvres through the canals of Venice will give you time to feed your eyes with magical views of Venice city.

The experience is just breathtaking. If the gondolier sings one or two songs, the memories of that moment will stick in your mind for a lifetime.

The little alleys

Among the things that give Venice, its charm is the little alleys. As you wander around the little streets, you will get to experience the rare charm of this city.

Since the houses aren’t numbered according to streets but rather districts, don’t be surprised if you get lost.

Many tourists get lost but the good news is that you will have a story to tell after finding your way. Besides, exploring the less explored is an awesome experience for most travellers.

Venice is a destination to wander, get lost and discover what other tourists have been missing. However, if getting lost in a city as a tourist gives you jitters, be sure to follow the crowds and stick to the commonly used streets.

Historical buildings

Surprisingly, most of Venice’s buildings dates back to the 13th and 18th centuries. If you want to see what Napoleon and Casanova saw years back, this is the place to be.

The city is not about to change any time soon thanks to the city’s strict laws concerning the preservation of its historical buildings. This makes Venice a unique place difficult to compare with any other in the world.

Teatro La Fenice

Venice prides itself in being home to most of the prominent opera houses in Italy. Teatro La Fenice, also known as the Phoenix is one of them.

Dating back to 1792, this gorgeous theatre has risen from the ashes of three fires which makes it more special. The theatre schedules various shows to entertain tourists like you.

Rich in culture

Venice is committed to art and you will notice this immediately you land your feet here. The churches and museums in Venice are a great part of the city art and the buildings themselves are also works of arts in themselves.

When you visit Venice, make sure you visit at least one of its churches and/or museums. If you have time, then the more the merrier. You will greatly experience Venice’s culture and learn more about their history.

The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal, the main waterway of Venice that divides the city into two parts. It is lined on either side by churches, hotels and palaces…
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