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November 8, 2020 2 min to read

Ways to prevent workout injuries

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So, you have finally committed to taking your physical fitness to the next level. Of course, you are eager to start and see results as soon as possible.

But do you know your desires can be brought to an emergency stop due to a workout injury? To know how it happens and what you can do to protect yourself, read on.

Causes of workout injuries

While exercise is good for your body, it has risks involved as well. Almost everyone who is a fitness enthusiast is prone to workout injuries although the degree of severity will vary.

Older people are more vulnerable than younger people. Probably because as they age, their bodies lose the strength they had to adapt to exercise as they used to.

Hence, if you are older, try as much as possible to stay within your limits.

Sometimes, doing the right exercise too often and too much or doing the right activity wrong can lead to injuries. In other times, it’s choosing a wrong activity depending on your physical condition or body type.

Therefore, knowledge is power, get to learn what works for you and for how long to keep yourself away from exercise injury issues.

Tips to prevent workout injuries

As you know, prevention is better than cure. Before you start wondering what to do from the pain caused by exercise injury, consider knowing ways to prevent it. Here are a few tips to guide you.

Know your body

The first thing you need to know before hitting the gym or engaging in home exercises is your body’s limitations. You need to know how much your body can take in and the most suitable exercises for you.

If you have had a minor injury before, get to know the activities you should avoid until you get better to avoid escalating the problem.

For instance, if you have a problem with your knee, don’t go anywhere near a treadmill or a stepper. You should also avoid leg presses because they can aggravate the injury.

Again, if you have back problems, then back stretches on a stability ball may prove to be a big challenge. The point is, get to know your body.

Get to understand those weak areas in your body and avoid activities that stress them up.

Listen to your body

Other than knowing your body, you need to be a trusted friend to your body. Learn to listen to it and when it requests you slow down please do so.

Gone are days when people believed that no pain, no gain. Although some exercises are quite hard, this should not necessarily mean…
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