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March 23, 2021 2 min to read

Practical reasons that will compel you to insure your house right away

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People work hard at their jobs and even have multiple ones to achieve their dream of being a homeowner. Being a homeowner is a great investment, but it comes with its own set of responsibilities.

With the amount of work and patience it took to buy your own house, you should be looking to honor the achievement and maintain this investment, especially if you want it to be a family property passed down generations.

Home insurance would be the first step towards that dream, and here are some compelling reasons why you should insure your house as soon as you buy it.

What is Property Insurance?

Getting insurance, in general, aims to protect you financially following any kind of damage or loss. You basically agree to pay a certain fee to an insurance company in exchange for the guarantee of protection and compensation in case of any unexpected damage.

Property insurance follows this concept, giving you protection from the loss or damage to any property such as a dwelling or car. It includes homeowners insurance, renter’s insurance, and flood insurance.

When it comes to homeowner insurance, it has the main functions of repairing or replacing personal belongings in your home or exterior structures like the yard of the house itself and covering personal liability when you’re held responsible for someone else’s damages.

Why You Should Insure Your House

1. It Covers Building and Rebuilding

The main function of getting insurance for your house is to protect it from any physical damage that could occur for various reasons.

Whether it’s a fire, vandalism, or a tree falling over, your home insurance would be obligated to compensate you to repair the damage.

Even if it involves completely rebuilding the property, your insurance should cover at least the physical aspects like bricks and mortar.

2. It Protects Your Home Contents

Not only does home insurance cover the building and re-building of your house, but it can also cover your home’s contents. It covers your personal items in the case of burglary or theft like jewelry and laptops.

It also includes items like your electronic devices, air conditioners, and any other valuable items that could be damaged or lost for any reason.

Just make sure you correctly estimate the value of your home’s contents to get suitable contents insurance.

3. You’ll Have Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is one of the most important aspects of getting homeowner insurance because it protects you from any lawsuits filed by others against you.

Despite its importance, many homeowners disregard it when it actually comes in handy for many probable situations. This coverage even includes pets for the instance…
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