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April 30, 2020 2 min to read

Pinterest is fun. But there are privacy risks

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When it comes to social media sites on the Internet, Pinterest is often mentioned as one of the top. When it started, it quickly caught the public’s attention, because people love to create their own bulletin boards of things they enjoy.

With Pinterest everything is visual, and it’s easy to share your pinboards with others and view as many pinboards as you like.

But as with many other social media sites, Pinterest has some risks. Yes, it’s addicting to sit and pin images all day long, but that’s not the risk I’m talking about. So what is risky about using Pinterest?

First of all, you could end up copying someone’s copyrighted image, which could result in legal troubles. I’m not trying to scare you away, but be aware that using an image that doesn’t belong to you can end up costing you a lot of bucks.

Let’s say you saw an image you liked, copied it and then pinned it on one of your pinboards. The only problem is that the image may belong to one of the photo image licensing firms like Getty Images.

If it does, you’ll end up getting a demand letter for $1,000 – $2,000 – for using one of their photos without paying a licensing fee.

And if you think you can get away with using only one or two, think again. Many firms use software that searches the web looking for images that were used without permission. If you pin on Pinterest, use only images you took yourself!

Privacy risks

So what are the privacy risks of using Pinterest? After all, you’re just showing people images of what you like.

Well, the problem is that whatever you pin – can be seen by everyone in the world. Everyone. So if you decide to pin some lovely images of you in some lacy underwear, your privacy and reputation are at risk.

The bottom line: never pin a photo or image that you wouldn’t mind showing to your parents, boss, friends or kids.

You may feel comfortable showing an image to some close friends, but you definitely wouldn’t want your boss to see that image of you in that lacy underwear.

With regard to your privacy, it’s not only visual. Pinterest lets you add comments to your pins, and the same rules apply. Never put a comment on your pinboards that you wouldn’t mind letting your kids, boss or…
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