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August 29, 2020 2 min to read

How can we benefit from online communities?

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When you think of your community, what do you think of? Do you think of the people you see on the daily dog walk? Or the people who post on the noticeboard next to the local shop?

Perhaps your community is a sports team or a group that meet up based on a common interest? However, things have changed in the past twenty years, meaning the way we see communities and the way we build communities has changed.

So, how does being involved in a community benefit our lives?

How Do We Exist Online?

The majority of people have an online footprint. We might keep it to the bare minimum, by just having an email address, or we might go all out and be on every single possible social network, have a website, a YouTube channel, and actively be cultivating an online presence.

This is one way in which communities can be built up, and a way in which the maximum social benefits can be reaped. The wider the network – the wider the opportunities.

Most people have some presence on social media. This could be to keep in touch with friends, to build a platform for your business, or could even act as a way to check up on the neighbors with local community groups.

An online presence can be a way to bolster existing interests and friendships, as well as forming new relationships.

For example, in the online entertainment industry, those who play games online may benefit from the online chatrooms that exist alongside a person’s gameplay.

When playing fun bingo games online, for instance, players have the opportunity to chat to one another, discuss the events of the latest game, or even just get to know their fellow players.

These chatrooms help create this online presence and adds another layer to the traditionally social activity.

Furthermore, these chatrooms could simply be used to find other people with a similar passion for the popular past time, a place where you can build your bingo family.

Games such as bingo, which have a reputation for cultivating communities, are retaining that aspect with their online versions.

Other online gaming communities, such as Twitch, also illustrate just how useful an online presence can be. Streamers have personal platforms on the site and can also use social media to redirect people to their streams.

The nature of the community means that the more people who see it, the more are likely to get involved in subscriber discussion, which widens both the streamer’s and the viewers’ social networks.

Ultimately, this could lead to careers, show off transferable skills, or could simply be a very engaging hobby for those who like to socialize and play.

Communities Can Be Built Through Forums

Since the advent of the Internet, online forums have been a great way to find new communities online. Whether the topic has been camping in the wilderness, advice on particular careers, or even information on a new pet, forums have allowed people to gather together around one point…
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