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March 4, 2021 2 min to read

Old vs new boiler: a detailed comparison

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Does your property have an old boiler installed for decades? If so, it is time you should invest in installing a new boiler right away!

Now, you might argue that your old boiler is working perfectly fine and you don’t need a new boiler. But let us tell you that a standard boiler is meant to last for a minimum of 6 years and a maximum of 10 years.

After that, an old boiler can become a hazard to your property and your loved ones. No matter whether you get your decade-old boiler serviced yearly, that boiler is certainly not as efficient as a new boiler.

And you can observe it from your energy bills. You have been paying way more than you should and it’s because your old boiler is sucking in the most energy to keep your home warm and cosy.

And that’s why you should get a new boiler right away. Now, we know sometimes, adamant customers like you need a little more convincing.

And that’s what we are offering you in this post. Let’s look at some of the questions that our customers ask for old boiler Vs new boiler.

What is the right time to replace my old boiler?

As mentioned above, any standard boiler will last for six years. And after that, you need to replace your old boiler with the new one.

Also, there are constant advancements in boiler technology. So, when you get a new boiler, chances are that you will get the latest technology that will enhance the overall heating of your home. Also, new boilers are highly energy efficient.

We would go as far as to say that a new boiler is usually 95% more efficient than your old boiler. And as a homeowner, you will certainly want that. It will not only affect the heating of your home but also energy bills.

And you will see significant changes in energy bills as soon as you install a new boiler. Usually, a standard old boiler will take up to 55% of your energy bills and you don’t want to pay that much for just one appliance.

After all, you have got several other appliances to run. So, when you have the chance to save money by installing a new boiler, make sure you do that!

What are the signs to know that my boiler is old?

The simplest answer is that you can check the installation date of your existing boiler to know if your boiler is old or not…
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