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September 5, 2020 2 min to read

Natural remedies for a better night’s sleep

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In this fast-paced world, people hardly have enough time to do anything. This leaves a major population around the world concerned about getting adequate amount of sleep in the night.

Of course, science and technology have been providing us a variety of sleep-aids and gadgets that help us sleep better but they aren’t free from their share of side effects.

We have therefore compiled a list of easy and pocket-friendly natural remedies that one can follow for an improved sleep quality.

1. Take Care of Your Diet

The food you eat can have a lot of impact on the quality of sleep you have. You should therefore readily include foods in your diet that are naturally rich in magnesium, vitamins, and melatonin among other nutrients.

Nuts like almonds, peanuts and walnuts; fruits like bananas and kiwis; and milk items like cottage cheese and a glass of warm milk for example are excellent choices of foods that can be taken on a daily basis.

Refrain from taking ice creams, chocolates, spicy food or those that are rich in high fat too close to your bedtime as they may lead to indigestion and disrupt your sleep.

2. Stay Hydrated

Your body needs an ample amount of fluids (2 liters) throughout the day to stay hydrated as dehydration can often cause your oral and nasal tract to feel dry while asleep.

This is often a pressing concern among air travelers as lack of enough water in the system can worsen the effect of jet lag.

However, it is wise to gradually limit the amount of water you take close to your bedtime as a frequent tendency to urinate can also interrupt your sleep.

3. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea act as stimulants that make it hard for your body to fall asleep. Studies in the past have shown that these can also adversely impact your biological clock and deplete the quality of your sleep by blocking the effect of adenosine.

Caffeine may also be present in some quantity in certain medicines, energy drinks or sodas. We would similarly recommend to avoid the intake of alcoholic drinks and nicotine-based products as they are also considered as major sleep disruptors.

4. Try these Herbal Teas

Certain teas made with herbs like valerian root, blue skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile, etc., work wonders when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep in a natural and healthy way.

These trusted herbs are known for their soothing effect and are good remedies for insomnia. Most of these herbs are also…
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