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March 17, 2020 2 min to read

Mobile food truck business – 5 tips to attract customers

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Food trucks have become increasingly popular over the years, as the traditional ice-cream or sandwich stall you would have normally seen at fairs, has transformed into a cuisine on wheels.

Cheaper and more convenient than investing into a restaurant, yet allowing you to transform your passion for cooking into a business, a mobile food truck allows you to freely navigate the city while providing several people with high-quality food of all types.

No matter if you are simply promoting your restaurant, or just getting started into the food business, if your food is tasty and healthy, you will become popular in no time.

Let the world know about you and your products

Good publicity is always tightly linked with your profit, and, therefore, with the number of customers you have.

But good advertising might be a bit on the costly side, and you might not be able to invest in it, especially if you’re just starting your business.

So, what better way to let people know about you than from other people. A happy client will surely speak of your business highly if he or she was satisfied with your products and service.

Thus, if you’re just starting out, consider giving free samples and see how they are received. You can even collaborate with other businesses in order to promote your recipes, so don’t shy away from trying different approaches.

The right place and the right moment

In order to be able to get that customer number up, you have to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time. Since your food truck is highly mobile, take advantage of it and move around while researching the market.

Where is the best place to set up your business? Where do most people spend their time and in which period of the day? What is your target audience?

Luckily, it’s easy to move around regardless if you have an actual truck that you move from one spot to another in one go or a trailer/caravan that you attach to the vehicle with a trailer dolly, so switching locations is the least of your worries.

So, set yourself up for success by moving locations as needed and do research when it comes to what areas you should cover and in what periods or times of the day.

Schools and stations, regardless of them being bus stations or train stations, are places which usually have a large concentration of people at any given time…
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