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November 21, 2020 2 min to read

Selling on Shopify: avoid these 10 mistakes

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Shopify is an amazing platform to use. It is user-friendly and allows for nice, themed pages even if you’re not a web developer or web designer.

With just a few clicks, Shopify lets you launch your very own online store. It also allows for app integrations that help you in operating and scaling your business.

There are some pitfalls that you’ll want to avoid when you run your e-commerce store, as these may ruin your business:

Having Unclear or Incomplete Product Cards

Some sellers overlook their product files and end up posting product images that don’t have a high-quality resolution. Some sellers also miss the opportunity to optimize the accompanying text for product searches.

Take the time to take great quality product photos to upload to your site. Some even hire photographers to get the job done. After all, we want to catch the attention of our consumers and inspire them to purchase the product.

Curate the content of your product technical sheet so that it clearly tells us what the item is for, what it is made of, and what it looks like.

You’ll want to set the right expectations for your customers regarding your product. Equally important is determining targeted keywords that you can use for SEO purposes.

Marketing Online Without a Clear Strategy

You’ll find that this marketplace has many merchants selling the same products that you’re selling. Price differential may even be really low, if it exists at all, as most sellers price their products competitively.

How do you bring consumers to your store and convert these site visits?

This is what an effective marketing plan does – builds brand awareness, increases traffic from the targeted audience, and improves your conversion rate. A strategic marketing campaign is key in accelerating revenue.

Well-thought-out and fully optimized PPC ads have shown to provide a significant increase in site traffic. You’ll want to use targeted keywords, an optimized landing page that converts, and ads that grab attention.

Since most people are glued to their social media accounts, you’ll want to be highly visible there as well. You can also utilize a Facebook shop to display your Shopify items.

Other sellers expand to other platforms as well so that they can cast a wider net. To help you get started, it is important to check if there are fees involved.

If you want to sell your Shopify products on Amazon or other channels, you can download an app on the Shopify app store that allows this.

You might want to utilize an Amazon calculator to help make this a profitable venture…
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