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June 6, 2020 2 min to read

Mental stimulation: 10 proven ways to keep your brain young

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Everyone wants to stay both physically and mentally healthy as long as they live. But, that is not always what happens. Everyone knows older people who have health and mobility issues that make living independently impossible.

Then they are miserable in the nursing home and just give up. Some older people suffer from memory issues and dementia that makes living independently impossible.

Others lose long term partners and can’t get past the grief or living alone in the family home. There are good solutions and better solutions to these problems.

Finding a Safe, Secure Place to Live in Senior Years

When a person is younger or middle-aged, they can continue or start to develop habits that allow them to stay physically and mentally healthier for years longer.

Healthy eating habits, a good exercise program, taking care of physical issues promptly, and keeping the mind active and healthy are all important.

As people age, finding the best place to live also becomes a priority. It is important to realize when living in a family home is no longer the best solution.

Moving to a senior living community can be a good solution. Some of these communities have a graduated care option where a person or couple moves into a detached home or an apartment in the community and signs up for the level of care they need.

As time goes on, they can increase the level of care and move to a higher level of care living units. These communities often have a nursing home type facility within the community for those who need 24-hour nursing care and supervision.

But, what if a person has lived in one home for years and waits to leave it until their physical and mental condition warrants moving directly to a nursing facility?

It is important to find a facility that will encourage the seniors to stay active and alert with social activities, nursing care, field trips and adventures, all-day dining, memory care, and social occasions.

Start Early to Keep the Brain Active and Young

It is important for people to keep their brains active and healthy even before they are senior citizens. When we are in the workforce and caring for families, there is a lot of stimulation but when the children leave home and retirement comes, it is easy to become less active and give in to mental decline.

But, there are 10 proven ways to keep our bodies and brains younger and healthier. These ideas work at any age so start now for happier senior years…
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