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January 25, 2021 2 min to read

Tips to surviving a long flight with kids

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You have already made accommodation reservations and booked a flight to take you to your vacation destination together with your kids.

The only dilemma you are left with now is how you will survive the long trip with your kids and you pretty know very well they can be quiet stubborn at times.

If this is your situation already or you are considering such a trip in the future, this post is meant for you. The post shares amazing tips to help you and your kids have the most comfortable and convenient long flight ever.

Is it possible to survive a long flight with kids?

While surviving a long-haul flight with kids is not a walk in the park, it’s absolutely possible and doable. This is not something to actually cause you sleepless nights. Many people did it and they reached their destination just fine. So, why not you?

Although you may have to deal with issues such as loud cries and tantrums, this is nothing compared to the joy of exploring a gorgeous destination with your loved ones far away from home.

To help you enjoy your long flight with kids, consider these amazing tips.

Fly at night

Flying at night may make things easier for you. Of course, the plane is different from your kids’ bedroom but even at that, the kids may still catch some sleep.

Even if they won’t sleep for the whole night, the few hours they will be sleeping will give you a chance to rest, relax and maybe get some sleep as well. Plus, you will also be nearing your destination.

More so, if possible, book a flight that leaves the latest to make things even easier. Being in a flight that will take 12 hours plus means there will be a few daytime hours.

Even at that, booking a flight that leaves at around 8 pm when it’s already at night will make it easier for you to make the kids fall asleep as opposed to a flight leaving at 4 pm when it’s still daytime.

Travel in low season

This is a golden tip for most parents planning a long trip with their kids. As a parent, be smart and schedule your trips during low season. There are so many advantages that come with this option.

For instance, you won’t have to deal with huge crowds at the airport and you will have enough room in the flight to stretch out. You may even be lucky enough to get an empty seat without paying for it.

Carry extra clothes

Make sure you pack at least two sets of extra clothes for you and the kids. No matter how disciplined your children are, don’t assume they cannot mess things up.

Being in a confined space like a flight you need to have enough gadgets to deal with accidents as they arise.

Use a bag to pack the clothes so that it’s easier to take out the bag, change the baby and put the dirty clothes in the…
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