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July 19, 2021 2 min to read

Lifestyle changes to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic

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The recent pandemic forced many people to adopt a much different lifestyle than they were used to. The government-mandated lockdowns, health protocols, closure of businesses, among other things, put people in a situation that they haven’t been before.

To stay safe and healthy, people were made to isolate themselves at home to minimize exposure, which is a drastic change of lifestyle that caught many people flatfooted.

Now more than ever, making lifestyle changes would mean staying safe and healthy, not only for you but also for the people around you. Falling into bad habits and sliding into complacency is easy but the effect can be dangerous.

Below are a few lifestyle changes to stay safe and healthy:

1. Stay Active

Gyms might not be safe places to work out during a pandemic, but there are alternatives where you can get physical without violating government-mandated health protocols.

For example, you can do aerobic exercises at home. You can do push-ups, jumping jacks, and other exercises, too. And, if you have pieces of gym equipment, like a treadmill or a few weights, don’t let them gather dust.

Another thing to remember is it’s okay to go for a run or a hike as long as your route or hiking path isn’t choked with other runners or hikers. Running and hiking outdoors are still deemed safe, provided they’re done in uncrowded areas.

Just remember that when going out, it’s important to wear protective clothing. There are online stores where you can order for these, so you don’t have to go out.

2. Get Enough Sleep

‘Get enough sleep’ is one of the most common pieces of advice you can hear from anybody–from your grandmother to your Uber driver. And with good reason.

Your body repairs itself during that time. Proteins like Cytokine that help fight inflammation, infection, and trauma are released by the body’s immune system while you’re asleep.

Essentially, good things happen to you while you’re sleeping – your brain reboots, your body heals itself, and your energy is revitalized.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made many people anxious and depressed, which affected their sleeping patterns.

The employment situation, disrupted routines, drastic lifestyle changes, financial worries, health concerns – all these add to a person’s stress and can result in what some doctors call ‘coronasomnia’.

According to health professionals, adults should have at least seven hours of sleep every night. So, if you find yourself having sleep problems, try cutting back on alcohol or caffeine.

If your lack of sleep is starting to be a concern, ask your doctor for advice. Lack of sleep can make you lethargic and affect your concentration.

3. Diet And Nutrition

A person’s diet and nutrition are also among those severely affected because of stress during these times. Unless diet changes for the better, staying healthy is going to be a struggle.

Green, leafy veggies, tomatoes, berries, spinach, and oily fish are some of the foods that can help boost a person’s immunity. Avoid stress-eating with unhealthy junk foods. Try to make a habit of…
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