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Interested to buy a chronograph? Here’s what you should know

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A chronograph is a unique type of a watch used both as a stopwatch and as a typical watch. The chronograph has anywhere between one to three buttons which are used to start, stop and reset the gadget without interfering with the watch.

The first modern chronograph was invented in 1816 by Louis Moinet while Nicolas Mathiew Rieussec developed the first marketed chronograph in 1821.

The chronograph is among the fewest most popular and sort after watches in the world. Interestingly, it is also the most underutilized.

A good number of people do not fully understand their features and how they can simplify their lives. However, even though most features of this stopwatch never gets utilized, chronograph watches still stand out due to their style.

Over the same, the chronograph has the most frequently usable features found on a wrist watch. While some chronographs can record for a good 12 hours, others will only go for up to thirty minutes.

You only need to activate it and it will count and record elapsed seconds, minutes and hours. Basically chronograph is used for the basic function of telling time as well as displaying the elapsed time.

When you have a chronograph with you, you can conveniently tell the time and use it as a stopwatch at the same time. Furthermore, chronographs come in different flavours and tastes.

They are so easy to love and cherish. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will surely find a beautifully designed timepiece to suit your needs.

Different types of chronograph watches

A chronograph watch is a worth having sophisticated accessory. It’s a special kind of a watch that you can use to clearly time your favourite activities such as swimming or running.

The impressive feature of this stylish timepiece is that it’s easy to use. Here are different types of chronograph you should know.

Simple chronograph

The simple chronograph is commonly referred to as a standard chronograph. Initially, it had one push-button but in the year 1923, the first chronograph with two push buttons was introduced in the market.

Hence, it is normal to come across timepieces with either one or two push buttons. Two push-button chronograph can measure intermittent periods.

Rattrapante chronograph

Rattrapante is a common word when it comes to chronographs. This type of a chronograph has a special feature which enables it to measure the occurrence of events simultaneously.

The additional second’s hand placed over the chronograph hand and the three push buttons on the case are the distinctive features of the Rattrapante chronograph.

All the modern models of Rattrapante chronograph feature the unique second chronograph hand with some brands choosing to take the design-in-house and others using the modified movements.

Flyback chronograph

The Flyback Chronograph was specifically designed to deliver split-second accuracy. It is engineered in such a way that it allows the restarting or resetting of the timer when the chronograph button is pushed.

This function is particularly important because the wearer can perform rapid restarts of the timer function.

You will find that many pilots applaud the Flyback chronograph because of this function. It enables them to apply split second for accurate navigation…
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