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August 21, 2020 2 min to read

5 reasons why you should enroll a troubled loved one to intellectual disability programs

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Some people may be born with or possess an intellectual disability, and that person could be in your own family or circle of friends.

If you happen to be the guardian and/or provider for a disabled individual, you might be wondering if you should enroll that loved one into an intellectual disability program.

The truth is, your loved one might need more care than you’re able to provide. If so, it pays to check out intellectual disability programs to see which ones are suitable for your disabled loved one. But first…

What Is An Intellectual Disability?

To understand what an intellectual disability is, it’s important to note what a disability is exactly. When you say someone is disabled, it means that there are restrictions to some parts of that individual’s life functions.

For instance, that person may be unable to do the following tasks:

– Read a book
– Feed themselves
– Walk without assistance

A person is considered to be “intellectually disabled” if they have a condition that limits their intellectual functions as well as adaptive behaviors.

Intellectual functions include a person’s ability to learn, reason, and solve problems, while adaptive behaviors may include social and practical skills.

These limitations may mean that an individual with an intellectual disability may also have a difficult time obtaining gainful employment.

Thus, it may be necessary to enroll that person into an intellectual disability program. You can visit this site for more information about the scope of such programs and how much they would cost.

Why Is An Intellectual Disability Program Necessary?

1. A Person With An Intellectual Disability Needs Help To Function

A person with an intellectual disability may have difficulty picking up knowledge and knowing how to apply that knowledge in day-to-day situations.

They may also lack adaptive behavior or skills that will help them socialize better or function without the assistance of others.

This means that an intellectual disability program can help accommodate individuals facing these difficulties so they can cope better.

Some people may display these difficulties even from infancy or early childhood. Others may be candidates for inclusion in intellectual disability programs due to severe trauma or a highly stressful event, such as those experienced by war veterans.

An intellectual disability program is then necessary so that they will learn how to survive and function well in society.

2. They May Lack A Strong Support System

Unfortunately, not all people who have an intellectual disability has a strong familial or social support system in place. For instance, an intellectually disabled individual may also be an orphan if both parents have passed on.

That person might not have siblings or cousins who can serve as their support system. Distant relatives might not always…
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