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December 27, 2019 2 min to read

How to write a personal statement: a step-by-step guide

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The process of writing personal statements can be challenging in all aspects. You are confused because you do not know at which point you should start and what things you have to highlight.

This process is difficult not only for experienced workers, that change the job not for the first time. It is hard for students even more, because they never had this experience.

All difficult situations require a good plan for anyone, so if you cannot develop it by yourself, this step-by-step guide will help you to write a good personal statement.

Define the purpose

Everything you do in your everyday life has a particular reason, so to write a great personal statement you should clearly define the reason why it is so important.

With the help of his purpose, you will be able to answer the next question which is aimed to define why you deserve to get it.

It is the first and the most important step which will help you to be confident in your statement, and this confidence is half of your success.

Understand the requirements

The next important step is based on a clear understanding of the requirements. After the definition of the goal and the purpose of the personal statement, you can carefully read the prompt and the requirements to the personal statement.

You should clearly understand what is the expected focus of attention in your personal statement which is required by a particular institution.

Basing on the information which you find out on this stage of the development of your personal statement you will develop an understanding of the way in which the working process on your task should be organized.

Make a list of your personal qualities and achievements

Before you start to write your personal statement you should prepare a list of your qualities and achievements which differ you among other candidates.

As it was stated above the confidence is very important for a successful personal statement. To make other people believe in what you write you should be confident in things that you claim in your personal statement.

So, you should clearly understand your value as the applicant, so in order not to forget to mention the important quality or achievement you should prepare a list to make the process of writing to be easier and faster…
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