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January 22, 2020 2 min to read

How to manage a handlebar moustache

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A handlebar moustache is one of the oldest styles of men which is quite adorable and sophisticated at the same time. The handlebar moustache is quite a huge fashion statement in this environmental pollution. You have to take extreme care of your moustache and maintain it with care. In their article, we will be talking about how the handlebar moustache should be grown and what are the steps to maintain it. A straight razor kit is very important in the work. We hope this will be helpful. There are five basic steps to maintain a handlebar moustache. They are:

Step 1

Grow a moustache. Grow it normal and big at the beginning and do not cut it. This is an absolute no. Do not cut your moustache. This will not let you make a handlebar moustache if the moustache is trimmed. The trick of keeping a handlebar moustache is the reluctance or resistance of the urge to trim your moustache. This makes you a bit too fussy but wait, the next steps will make you happy.

Step 2

Vinn your moustache. Yes, the line reads funny but combing your moustache is an integral part of maintaining a handlebar moustache. You have to part the moustache from the middle space under your nose and comb the moustache on both sides. It will become like a butterfly pattern. You can use any kind of comb for this purpose but a wooden comb would be the best option to comb your moustache.

Step 3

Wax your moustache. This again reads weird but this is important for the maintenance of the shape of the moustache. Most of the people do not follow this and this makes their moustache limp and this, the handlebar design cannot be adopted. You can go for the fancy moustache waxes. The moustache waxes are sure to give your moustache that extra twirl that it needs. You must apply this after a bath. Whenever your moustache is wet and limp, you must apply the wax and spread it down to every hair. That will make sure that every hair strand is in its place and looks attractive.

Step 4

Twist your moustache like an old major. It actually looks really cool and sophisticated. The twirling can be done firmly and with pressure to make sure that it does not become limp at any time. The tested hair is then curled up on both sides giving the end a pointed look. You have to do this as tight as possible. This curling is essential in maintaining the shape of the handlebar moustache. The twirling and curling of the moustache are what gives it the characteristic shape.

Step 5

Maintain your handlebar moustache. You just can’t carry around a style that suits your face and not maintain it. You shave to make sure that you maintain the moustache well and fine for the face. The irregularities in trimming or curling can make your style lousy and you face old. We know that you do not want that. You certainly do not want your face to look like a grumpy old major. Instead, you must be the smart colonel with that demeanour within you. Maintenance of the handlebar moustache is essential for maintaining that sophistication.

Thus these are the methods to maintain an elegant handlebar moustache. The straight razor kit is very important to maintain this style. Regular washing must be an integral part of maintaining a moustache. You can follow these steps for that manly look on your face.

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