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October 4, 2020 3 min to read

How to have a happy family life

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We all have some idealistic images of happy family life in our mind but does our family fit in that portrait? What exactly is happy family meant to us?

Is this love or money that binds us together? Or is it about finding a real love, genuine respect, complete shelter and security? Let’s ponder on this subject today.

What Is The Meaning Of Happy Family?

Happy family means a family that has strong meaning and purpose of their life. They respect and love each other. They respect each other’s thoughts, feelings and decisions.

It is like parents respect their children along with undying love for them and children respect and obey their parents with equal and matchless love.

Why Families Are Important?

Family relationship plays a key role in building one’s character. It impacts the bond deeply in positive or negative manner. It creates societies and cultures.

It has different impacts on values and traditions, not only that but it also impacts social and business interactions of an individual.

For children, background matters a lot in raising them. Their education, behavior, financial opportunities all depend on their family structure. Therefore, it is very important to have a strong family bonding.

How To Create a ‘Happy Family’?

Parents should start to be friendly with their children. Children should also open up to share everything with their parents. There should be a deep bonding between each member of the family.

If one member of the family is going through tense or difficult situation, everyone should know about it in the house and they should all take care of him and should also struggle to get the member out of the situation.

Family Life Cycle

Family that passes together all the different stages of life, like from childhood to old age is called complete life cycle of any family.

In each stage, all members face different challenges and difficulties in their life. And everyone has to face as per their ability and fate.

Struggling with one another in going through each phase is challenging for everyone. This is where a strong family bonding takes place.

Types of Families

In recent century, we have different sorts of family structures:

Nuclear Family: Nuclear family is also known as traditional family which has both the parents and children facing all aspects of life together. Children belonging to such family structure usually have more opportunities in life to have financial ease and have more stability in their lives.

Single Parent Family: Nowadays, 1 out of 4 has a single parent family. Most of the time, it is mother with children as a single parent. However, in few cases fathers have also been seen, being the only one to care and provide for the kids. Children from such families have fewer opportunities to get stable in their lives.

Extended Family: Such families have more than 2 adults living together and taking care of children and/or financial issues. These are usually relatives who have common goals to look after the children and to raise them. Extended family structure is becoming common now in all over the world.

Childless Family: Such family has no children. They are usually considered as forgotten family as it doesn’t meet the traditional standards set by the so- called idealistic society.

Step Family: Such families have more complex issues. New parents live with children. Some new parents have their own children too. The two families have to live together that may have discipline and adjusting issues. Loving the new members is equally challenging and thus can erupt several behavioral and tantrum issues.

Grandparent Family: Such children have no parents while their grandparents try to raise them to their efficiency. Children from such family structure could be shattered, sensitive and…
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