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January 1, 2020 2 min to read

How good is CBD for pet anxiety?

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It’s no secret that our dogs do get anxious, and rely on their daily routine like long walks, regular feeding times, and lots of mental stimulation and affection to feel relaxed and content.

But what happens when there are changes to your household that may be unsettling to your furry best friend?

With cannabidiol (CBD) pet products being the most researched topic in pet health today, and CBD pet products for sale everywhere, prioritizing CBD pet product quality is key when considering CBD natural pet supplements for Fido.

One of the best ways of reducing your pet’s anxiety or pain is with cannabidiol (CBD) that’s specially formulated for your doggo.

Today, CBD for pets has become popular as a nutritional supplement and nutraceutical, and has been shown through lots of research to help with an array of veterinary health conditions like digestive issues, anxiety, cardiac health, pain, seizures and much more!

Considering that cannabidiol for pets is a natural and safe supplement that is also non-psychoactive when free of THC, its potential benefits are not only exciting, but life changing!

With cannabidiol tinctures being easy to administer via a dropper, and CBD dog treats becoming a fast favorite, let’s take a look at why this natural supplement and nutraceutical is trending big time worldwide, and how pet anxiety can be treated with CBD for pets.

But first, let’s take a close look at the main causes of canine anxiety, and discuss how CBD for pets may be beneficial for pet anxiety today!

What Causes Anxiety in Pets?

We adore our dogs, and will do anything to make them feel better. There’s nothing worse than seeing your furry best friend in pain or stressed out and anxious because you’re leaving for work during a thunder storm.

You’ll notice his stress, and become stressed out or anxious too! Most of us are in tune with our dogs, and notice right away when they’re out of sorts.

Destructiveness, aggression, fearfulness, hiding, restlessness are symptoms of canine stress. When the daily routine in your dog’s life changes, and your dog is anxious, there is an increase in stress hormones.

Regular exercise with trips to the beach, overnight hiking trips, agility competitions, and playtime at the dog park help to maintain optimum health.

When your dog is stressed out due to separation anxiety, storm phobia, travel phobia, canine depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional imbalances trigger off immune system stress.

Consider your dog’s lifestyle, chemical overload, long term pharmaceutical medications and their side effects, and try to counteract all of this to improve your dog’s life mentally and physically.

This allows for longevity, and a foundation for optimal health.

Pet parents today want to make sure that their pets are healthy, and relaxed. Generally, with stress issues in dogs, you’re going to need to work with your veterinarian and a behaviorist or positive dog trainer to find out what’s really bothering your dog.

Only once this is done, can you try to alleviate your dog’s fear and anxiety…
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