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March 7, 2020 2 min to read

Green building – everything you need to know

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Green building, also known as sustainable construction and designing, is rapidly growing in popularity among construction companies in America.

The concept has changed the construction market with the introduction of high energy-efficient systems. These include leveraging solar panels, green and locally sourced materials, automation, and other technologies that are energy saving and have a lighter carbon footprint. These systems eliminate or reduce the negative impact on the natural environment.

Green buildings look to preserve precious natural resources and while improving the quality of life. Let’s explore more on Green Building:

Features that make up a green building

  • Designing a building that can enable adaption to the ever-changing environment
  • Consideration of the environment when designing, constructing and using a building
  • Putting into account the quality of life for the occupants during designing, construction and operation of the building
  • Having waste and pollution reduction measures that enable recycling and re-use of construction materials
  • Using renewable energy like solar and wind energy
  • Having good quality indoor air
  • Efficient usage of water, energy and other resources

Green Building Certification

The U.S.A provides its counties with certification for different projects pursuing green buildings.Its known as LEED certification achieved through earning of points based on the various green building strategies applied across several categories.

The certification applies to new multifamily and non-residential green buildings and it also extends to existing buildings undergoing renovation to meet given green building standards.

The Green Building Certification in America falls under the four levels of LEED rating certification system that includes Gold, Platinum, Silver and certified.

For the highest level, which is platinum, a building achieves a score of 80+, gold 60.79, silver 50-59, and certified 40-49.

Green Buildings Incentives

Federal, local, and state governments have extended and created over 2,000 financial incentives programs as a reward for green builders. The green incentives target residential and commercial developers, such as community condominiums, production home builders, and apartments.

Also, it targets those making green renovations or improvements to their buildings. The available incentives range from Rebates, State tax Incentives, Sales Tax Exemption, Property Tax Exemption, Grants, and Federal Tax incentives.

Strategies used in making green buildings in the U.S.A

The green building materials include recycled stone,wood from certified and responsibly managed forests, recycled metal, renewable plants like straws, and bamboo. Also, recyclable and non-toxic materials reclaimed from other construction projects.

For the flooring, it’s advisable to use adhesive or sealants containing low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while the carpeting should use natural fibers or recycled materials like seagrass and wool.

In the case of hardwood flooring, use certified wood from sustainably managed cork or bamboo that falls under the category of rapidly renewable materials. Other reclaimed or recycled materials best for…
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