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How to choose a gaming headset

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When you play professional games on your PC, your regular headphones would not provide the kind of sound quality that you would be hoping for.

Gaming headsets are designed in such a way that you experience immersive gaming with virtual surround sound and clear, crisp audio. Some headsets have microphones that can be removed or retracted.

If you have a headset that isn’t quite up to the mark then you can get yourself an affordable gaming headset and enjoy immersive gaming.

What does a gaming headset consist of?

Headsets consist of a headphone with a microphone. Commonly, a headset may have a single or double earpiece but a gaming headset has a double earpiece.

For the ultimate gaming experience, a virtual surround headset comprises ear cups that cover the entire ear.

These headsets have larger speakers for dynamic sound quality. The earphones are connected with a headband so it can be comfortably placed over the head or around the neck. Plus, there is a built-in microphone attached to the earcup.

Moreover, headsets normally connect to a computer with a wire, but wireless headsets are now gaining more popularity over wired ones.

What are gaming headsets used for?

Gaming headsets provide a surround sound along with stereo sound. Hence, while playing games, you can hear everything clearly – from the light movements of the enemy to the direction of the gunfire.

The earcups isolate you from the external sound and you can focus entirely on your game. You can also communicate easily through a built-in microphone with your teammates.

How to choose a gaming headset?

Choosing a good headset that would make your gaming experience exciting is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration before getting the headset of your choice. You need to look at the:

– Design
– Build quality
– Comfortability
– Isolating ear cups
– Sound quality
– Microphone

Let’s take a detailed look.


You would want a headset that looks good and complements your personality. Some headsets look normal like regular headphones attached with a microphone. But some have designs that make you look like an alien straight out of star wars.

With LED lighting, weird angular designs, some gaming headsets present the look of laser guns. Hence, in order to avoid being a laughing stock, you need to consider the design appropriate for your own use.

Build quality

Generally, the headsets are made of plastic. If the plastic used is cheap, then it may not be sturdy and break easily. You must look for durable plastic, metal, or wireframed headbands that are comfortable as well.

Plus, they should be flexible to adjust according to the size of your head. Some even have an all-metal skeleton that can survive even…
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