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February 20, 2020 2 min to read

Fruit rind nutrition guide: 8 fruit and veggie skins you can eat

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In the United States, we waste over $161 billion worth of food every year.

For many of us, one of those areas of waste comes in the form of the fruit rind. Unless your favorite fruit is an apple, you probably don’t eat the skin, or rind, of your fruit.

The reasons for this come down to the fact that some fruit rinds are not edible, and others are not appealing.

Fruits are not the only offender here. Many vegetables are commonly pealed. Some of the most common fruits and vegetables have edible rinds that you may not know about.

Fruit Rind, Vegetable Skin, and Consumption

The outer rind or skin of the fruit and vegetables you eat may not be edible. The ones that can be eaten are often full of nutrients.

In some cases, we lose more nutritional value from throwing away the rind than we gain from eating the inside.

Here are eight fruits and vegetables that have edible rinds and skins, some you may know and others you may not.

1. Mango

Mangoes are delicious and used in everything, from salsa to salads. To prepare a mango, most people peel the fruit and then discard the rind.

Mango skins are full of vitamins and are quite tasty. They do not look the most ,appealing but you won’t be disappointed if you try one.

2. Potato Skins

For some people, this will seem obvious, but many people don’t eat potato skins. This can be because they don’t realize that the skins are delicious and healthy. If you properly wash your potatoes before baking or cutting them, you are in for a treat.

If mashing potatoes or making French fries, leave the skin on. The addition of the skins will make the dish have a better texture and is preferred by many people. Another way to enjoy the skin is when baking, just add a little butter and salt to the outside of your potato.

3. Oranges

Most of us know how to eat an orange. We do it by cutting the rind away and then eating the juicy inside. You may have even wondered, can you eat an orange peel?

The answer is yes. The peel of an orange can be consumed on its own, but it can also be put into many things.

Orange zest is a great way to liven up many dishes. The mild flavor and acidity of the orange rind tastes great, but it is also a great garnish…
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