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January 17, 2020 2 min to read

Finding the right blender for your kitchen needs

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When talking about how much you need a blender in your kitchen, opinions are shared. While some may say it’s not an essential tool, others rely on their mixers for a wide variety of tasks.

Besides making food preparation a lot more efficient and saving time, it can even open the door to a lot of new recipes you wouldn’t usually go for.

And even though buying a kitchen blender may sound like a simple task at first, when you realize how many models and functions you can choose from, it’s good to have some help through this whole adventure.

Various Blender Types

The first step for figuring out what blender to bye knows the available different types. There are multiple categories to group blenders by like features, design, capacity, power, or prices.

The main categories are hand blenders, commercial immersion blenders, single-serve blenders, full-size models, and chef blenders.

Of course, each of these types comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what you are planning to do with them. And that’s what takes us to the next step.

What Blender Functions Do You Need?

If you already have a rough idea of what type of blender you want to get, the next step is thinking about the functions.

For example, if you want one for smoothies or frozen drinks, you need to consider one that delivers at least 500 watts of power.

An ice-crushing blade is also a must on a blender for smoothies. However, if you mainly want to grind and chop aliments, you will need multiple processing functions and a chopping blade.

The list can go on, of course. And even if you’re not exactly sure what the tasks for your blender will be, you can always go with a multifunction model.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re going to do with your new blender, going with one is probably an excellent idea. Even though you’ll probably spend more on them than on a hand mixer, you will get a lot of power and many functions, so you can experience and find your inner blender bender.

And while that may sound cheesy at first, it’s true. With a multifunction blender, you can cook soup, make juice and smoothies, process foods and pretty much everything that has to do with mixing, blending and chopping.

These can replace a lot of other kitchen utensils, and when you also consider that, the price issue isn’t that big after…
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